Award-winning olive oils, refined balsamic reductions and a state-of-the-art production line is what sets Willow Creek apart from the rest. The Willow Creek olive estate is situated in the panoramic Nuy Valley in the Western Cape. The area is blessed with a terroir and the perfect climate for the cultivation of olives. The Estate was established in 1999 and pressed their first award-winning olive oil in 2002.   

The 160-thousand olive trees thrive on 200 hectares of land and in the deep, lime-rich soil of the valley. Willow Creek is blessed with an abundance of good quality mountain water. This, combined with meticulous attention to their trees, ensures even ripening and the consistent quality they are known for.  

Award-Winning Oil  

In 2020 Willow Creek won two impressive awards under the Quality Olive Oil Award category at the London International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC). The purpose of the London IOOC is to inform those in the olive oil industry who distribute their standardized products legally, to preserve and to ameliorate the quality of their branded product by promoting high-quality olive oil in every aspect in the spectrum of its use and consumption.  

Willow Creek Olive Estate also won awards at the Terra Olivo Awards 2020 in Jerusalem, Israel and awarded Willow Creek with two more awards this year. The Willow Creek Directors’ Reserve extra virgin olive oil was awarded a prestige gold award while the Estate-Blend extra virgin olive oil won a gold medal.  

Read more about their impressive awards here 

A NewSophisticated Range  

After years of producing quality extra virgin olive oil, they are now launching a new range of balsamic reductions. Carefully sourced ingredients make for something special for every kitchen, restaurant and store. The range includes a selection of balsamic reductionand a pomegranate dressing.  

Some of their new flavours include citrus flavoured balsamic reduction, which is delicious on smoked chicken or fish dishes. Their red wine vinegar reduction works well with sweet or savoury tastes and will enhance any dish. For something sweeter, the red fig and vanilla-infused balsamic reduction accentuates desserts and compliments tarts, ice cream and even a well-made panna cotta. The pomegranate dressing, on the other hand, enhances salads, chicken and fish dishes.  

For a healthier option, try the thyme-infused balsamic reduction or try their exquisitely balanced garlic, ginger and chilli-infused balsamic reduction.  

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