Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo exhibitor, Threads That Bind Us is a collaboration between two South African sisters, Emma and Leila. They believe that there is an invisible thread that binds them as sisters, as a family and to Africa… which is why after more than ten years abroad, they chose to come home and have embarked on an incredible journey of discovery and creativity.

threads that bind us

Growing up with an artist mother, creativity surrounded them. They recall having a very free childhood and spent years exploring the beauty of Swaziland. Their imaginations ran wild as they adventured through the forests and river below their home, coming back mud splattered and full of wonder.

The sisters have a passion for travelling, and over the past decade have collected many treasures. To this day they are always on the hunt for special things for their home, a desire that led them to exploring the art of making and crafting.

threads that bind us

Moving to Cape Town in 2015, they were determined to turn their love of craft into their own enterprise. They draw inspiration from Cape Town’s natural beauty, “There is something about the light here that inspires us.” says Emma.

They produce handmade, African inspired, unique tableware and soft furnishings for the home. The designs are a celebration of what surrounds them – the natural beauty found on mountain walks. Every design is hand drawn and then stitched using free-motion embroidery, which gives the feeling of “drawing with thread”. The freehand machine embroidery technique used to “draw” with thread means that each product is one of a kind. Their products are all embroidered with motifs that take inspiration from the Protea and fynbos family predominantly.

threads that bind us

Threads That Bind Us offer a bespoke service as well, if they can draw it, they can stitch it!

Visit them at the Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo this year and hop over to their online shop for more inspiring products.