Tony Sandell Roof Windows (TSRW) is one of the largest manufacturers of roof windows and skylights in South Africa. Tony Sandell started the company when he saw a gap in the market and started installing units that he was importing from overseas at the time.  

After seeing the results and the amazing difference the roof windows made in a home, he decided to manufacture them locally with materials more suitable to our climate.  

Jake Vlug is the Marketing and Sales Manager and he shares the latest news and insights with us below. 

Tony Sandell

The Latest Trends  

According to Jake, roof windows and skylights are very much on-trend at the moment. This is because the world is moving towards more sustainable building practices, he saysDesigners, architects and developers are using them to maximise natural lighting and to keep buildings as eco-efficient as possible. Skylights and natural light are definitely on the rise in terms of residential and commercial design 

Sustainability First  

The Tony Sandell line of products is environmentally friendlyJake says that installing a roof window or skylight into your home or workspace introduces natural light so you are not so reliant on artificial lighting. A roof window that can open allows for ventilation and fresh air. The combination of natural light, ventilation and passive heat in the cooler months allows one to rely less on air-conditioners, heaters and artificial lighting. This makes the space eco-friendly and brings down your utility bills”. 

Tony Sandell

Experience is Key  

The roof window units are made from high-quality materials that are designed specifically for our climate and is made to withstand the harsh conditions that we have here on the tip of Africa, says Jake. “We manufacture locally and all our teams are in-house and highly trained. We manufacture unique mechanical flashings that require very little maintenance and each flashing has been designed for the roof covering it is going into. 30 years of experience gives you a good idea that we have done something right 

Market Strategy  

Further Jake adds that since lockdown, they have had to adjust and implement all sorts of new systems from the health and safety side with sign-in registers, daily staff screenings, virtual quotes and video calls. “Having been with Homemakers for over 15 years and enjoying the benefits of the Homemakers Expo and face to face marketing, we have had to adjust our marketing strategy to mostly online for the remainder of this year and we seem to be busy. It will be an interesting second half of the year and we will have to take it as it comes”. 

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