People lucky enough to be living at the coast know what a constant battle it is to keep windows clean. Salt in the air makes them sticky and misty, which isn’t great under any circumstances but even less so if you have a great view that you’d like to enjoy.

Then there is also the hassle of getting at the window panes through burglar bars. You can’t, of course, do without burglar proofing, particularly if it’s a holiday home that is unoccupied for long periods of time.

The owners of the home pictured opted for Trellidor Clear Guard to protect their sliding doors onto the patio and the windows next to them. The security screens were custom-made to fit the unusual window size, resulting in long, narrow hinged doors over the windows on either side of the sliding doors.

The Clear Guard burglar proofing can be opened for easy window cleaning as well as to open the windows and allow some fresh air inside. With the windows open and the screen doors closed, air circulates but the heat is screened out. Irritants such as mosquitoes are also kept out, as well as monkeys, baboons, snakes and anything else that you definitely don’t want inside.

The screens’ main job is to keep criminals out and they do an excellent job of this. But they do a whole lot more. Take a look at this video showing what they can do for you. It was filmed at a home in the bush, but it is just as relevant for coastal homes.

Trellidor Clear Guard with door closed

Another point to consider at the coast is corrosion. Trellidor Clear Guard is framed in good quality aluminium, which holds up well in coastal conditions, and the screen is made from woven steel mesh. Trellidor products are powder coated in a world-class process that includes an anti-corrosion treatment. Check the cleaning requirements, though, because this is important to extend the life of any security barrier at the coast and elsewhere.  

If you have any concerns about the strength of Trellidor Clear Guard, take a look at the attack tests done in their factory. You’ll see that they’re strong enough to resist a real hammering by our fake ‘burglars’.  

Nothing is completely impenetrable, especially if the robber has lots of time, the right tools and no risk of being caught in the act. But you definitely need burglar proofing that will hold up as long as possible, increasing the robber’s risk of discovery or giving you time to call for help.

If you live at the coast, chat to your local Trellidor franchise about the best products for your home, including Trellidor Clear Guard.