Tuis|Home Theatre is coming to Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo! Wine tastings, food demos, chalk paint demos, coffee tastings… you name it, we’ve got it! For the first time, exclusive to the 2018 Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo, this home theatre will bring an exciting programme of entertaining and informative demos. Wicus Pretorius, editor of Tuis|Home Magazine tells us what visitors can expect and more.

Please tell us more about the Tuis|Home Theatre and what visitors can expect.

Aside from the free demos throughout the day (coffee tasting, chalk paint demo with local brand Thjoko Paint, a food demo with VIA, Media24’s lifestyle channel featuring Mareli Visser, and a gin tasting late afternoon to end of the day) we also have a few pop-up shops such as the Garden World Nursery, Thjoko Paint and Eat a Bit Décor.

How will the demonstrations reflect the magazine many visitors have come to love?

The demos reflect the brand philosophy of the magazine – a practical guide to beautiful living. We believe our readers want to do things themselves, and that they are extremely house proud – from the coffee tastings in the morning (concoctions you can make for guests at home) to the DIY session with Thjoko Paint will have this practical approach.

Then there are the G&T tastings that are trendy right now. Gin is all the rage, with so many local boutique distilleries popping up everywhere.

 Tuis|Home Theatre
Die Koektannie, Mareli Visser will host baking demos at the Tuis|Home Theatre

What are some of your favourite home and design trends to look out for in 2018?

Home trends are water-focused, and how we can change the way we live and consume water – I think this will remain top of mind for people all over SA, especially in the drought-stricken metros such as Cape Town and PE, and also parts of the Northern Cape and Karoo. Grey, as a colour, it seems is here to stay – it is the new “cream” – the safe colour everyone wants as a backdrop for their décor. Grey is a little more challenging than cream/off-white, though, and needs some thought. So many shades, so choose carefully!

For the rest it is all about authentic, affordable solutions for the home. To be real.

Wicus Pretorius, editor of Tuis|Home Magazine

What sets HOMEMAKERS Expo apart from other home lifestyle events in the country?

Being at your own house, in a space you could make your own, and feel at home, is still one of the most cherished experiences people long for. That’s why people’s homes are ever evolving. You improve as you go along, expressing yourself as time goes by, always adding another layer of whatever your dream might be. To be house proud, to be able to say – this house is mine, and what you see here I did myself, is immensely fulfilling, even more so when you can share it with loved ones; if it becomes your happy place.

For this reason Tuis|Home has a longstanding relationship with HOMEMAKERS Expo. This expo brings everyone together, showcasing everything you might need to live more comfortably, and more happily.

Tuis|Home Theatre Programme at Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo

Coffee Tasting- in Association with Purist Coffee
11:00-11:45 | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Food Demos in the Taste Kitchen in association with VIA
12:30:13-30 | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Chalk paint demos with Tjhoko Paint– paint like a pro!
14:00-15:00 | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Cocktail Tasting: A splendid experience with Qualito Craft Distillery
16:00-17:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday | 15:15- 16:15 Sunday

Download the programme here.

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