VR-Events is a Virtual Reality and 360 production company based in South Africa, Cape Town that is pioneering innovative ways to experience and interact with education, entertainment and the working environment through virtual reality.   

Bespoke Experiences  

VR-Events is changing the way we view and interact with the world. Working closely with their software team, they specialise in creating bespoke Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, tailormade for industries such as commercial marketing, real estate, education and live entertainment.   

Their ultra-high-definition video and photographic 360°/VR content not only affords potential real estate buyers the luxury of viewing residential properties from the comfort of their own homes or offices, but it also gives the seller peace of mind, as it renders open/show houses redundant.   

VR Events

One-of-a-Kind Services  

VR-Events offers clients a variety of specialised services. Along with their internationally renowned partner, RenderHeadsthey create bespoke VR, AR, 360 and other interactive solutions. In collaboration with South Africa’s best production companies and artists, VR-Events set out to create the most immersive commercials ever. In partnership with UCT and other international institutions, they are also developing new ways of learning and educating.  

Customers can also count on VR-Events for live streaming solutions for any type of event and can also conveniently take your photography and videography projects to new heights.  

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