Bamboo blinds embody style, richness and warmth. The look of organic and natural elements in the home have become increasingly popular, and a perfect example of this are bamboo blinds as a window treatment. It offers an attractive, functional and eco-friendly alternative to ordinary blinds.

Bamboo blinds, flooring and furniture are widely perceived as eco-friendly products that, while just as attractive as their timber counterparts, present manufacturers with a chance to develop a more sustainable industry. There is no longer any denying the effect of wholesale deforestation for fuel, paper pulp and wooden furniture that, in combination with toxic emissions measured in megatons, now threatens the continued existence of all life on our planet.

If the needs of consumers are to continue being met, there needs to be a concerted move away from both non-sustainable, natural raw materials and toxic synthetics by both the public and the manufacturers. In this endeavour, installing bamboo blinds rather than a timber or a plastic product, unless obtained through recycling, will definitely amount to a move in the right direction.

bamboo blinds

Having felled a mature tree for commercial use, it could take from 60 to 120 years for a newly-planted replacement to reach the same level of maturity. By contrast, this giant grass species with a strength that rivals concrete and steel is fully-grown and ready for harvesting within 5 to 7 years after it is planted. In addition to its use in the manufacture of flooring and furniture, it’s now being used in the construction of buildings with great success, so there’s no doubt that bamboo blinds are at least as durable as those made from timber or aluminium.

As a wholly natural product, wherever you choose to fit them, they will create an equally natural and restful ambience, filtering the light and casting subtle patterns across walls and ceilings that serve to further enhance their effect. The slats are held in place by jute, an equally sustainable, natural material. Supported by an integrated wooden head rail, they are available with either a roll-up or a Roman fold action.

Whether your existing décor is ultra-modern or of a more classic style, you can rest assured that the fashionable rustic appearance of these high-quality window accessories will compliment it to perfection. In addition, the tendency of these plants to exhibit colour variations in response to their age and growing conditions means that there is a surprisingly wide range of shades from which to choose that which will best suit a given room.

Tough, attractive and functional, bamboo blinds are also really affordable, making their appeal even greater than before.

Our exhibitor, Top Carpets and Floors stock bamboo and other blinds in standard sizes. However, if necessary, they can also arrange to have them tailor-made to fit any non-standard window in your home or office.