World of Decorative Concrete (WODC) is forever pushing the boundaries when it comes to how concrete is used. Once again, the WODC team will be showcasing the many uses of concrete in functional design in the Raw CONCRETE Theatre at Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo.

We spoke to WODC CEO, Johan Coetzee to find out more about WODC.

How did WODC start?

World of Decorative Concrete (WODC) is one of the largest concrete grinding and polishing contractors in South Africa.  Our showcase projects can be seen in the Ivory Coast to Mauritius, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and southern Africa.  Although based in the Western Cape, WODC is geared to operate in Africa and beyond.

Employing the HTC Superfloor method of grinding and polishing of concrete floors, our largest single project to date is the surrounding and base floor of the Moses Mabhida soccer stadium in KwaZulu-Natal.

WODC was initially contracted only to solve a “biscuiting” problem (otherwise known as delamination of laitance) on the stadium floor.  The Moses Mabhida Stadium’s professional architectural team was more than sufficiently impressed with the repairs and extended our brief to transform the entire concrete floor of the stadium to “Superfloor” specifications.

Consequently, this method has become very popular in most segments of the construction industry, from hi-tech domestic properties and shopping centres to warehousing and aviation, and many more concrete floor requirements across the country.

WODC is an offshoot of the mother company, Quickslab, which was established in 1995 as a precast concrete decking company with myself as the structural engineer at the helm of the company.  Quickslab expanded rapidly in the rib & block segment of the construction industry and is today a well-established company in the Western Cape.

WODC CEO, Johan Coetzee. Photo Supplied

In 2001 another offshoot, Stucco Italiano, was established as a sister company to Quickslab with a view to specialise in the fast-growing cement decor industry.  Stucco Italiano has since grown into one of the leading suppliers of stucco products for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Today, leading architects routinely specify our products and work for their high end projects.  Our success has paved the way for exports to the European and Mauritian market.

We are a proudly South African company.  All our products for amongst others walls, floors and work surfaces are locally designed and manufactured.

WODC enjoys the professional backing of two well-established companies: Quickslab and Stucco Italiano.  But it is not so much the combination of structural expertise and experience that we have come to rely on, but rather the passion and love for concrete we all share.

Which product from your range is your favourite?

Micro Cement Overlays! A product that is widely used by us and a product that I would definitely recommend.

What makes concrete such a popular product for homes?

It is a natural and durable product that has a character of its own. You can create beautiful walls, floors and decorative furniture with it. As I like to say “Concrete with Soul” as it makes any house a home.

The theme for this year is Raw Comfort, what does Raw Comfort mean to you?

Raw Comfort – Concrete definitely fits the description. Raw comfort to me is when you can associate yourself with the natural comfort of using raw products. You can express yourself and feel comfortable.
Polished Concrete Floor. Photo Supplied

Why did WODC get involved with HOMEMAKERS Expo again this year?

The Homemakers Expo is by far one of the best platforms for exposure, not only that – every year is a new and inspiring theme and it is refreshing to see and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Which item can a home not do without?

Beautiful walls and floors!

Where do you find inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the challenges that concrete presents me: how can I take a product and method that has been used for many years and revamp or refine the process to create a new trendsetter in the decorative concrete industry.

What trends are you seeing at the moment?

There are many new trends in the decorative concrete industry, I do love the natural trend – it is stylish, minimalistic and timeless.

What advice do you have for homeowners who are looking to redecorate or renovate their homes?

My advice would be to choose a decorative concrete product that is natural, raw and makes you feel at home.