In dry climates, water shortages are making the large suburban lawn a luxury less and less people can afford. With South Africa experiencing a drought, maintaining a lush lawn is becoming increasingly unsustainable in terms of water consumption and the resulting costs. Our 2017 exhibitor, Easigrass gives us reasons why homeowners should install artificial grass.

Having green grass in your garden all-year-round can be hard to achieve. However, this is not a concern with synthetic grass. It is the answer if you want to keep your surroundings green and you do not have the time or resources to work hard in your lawn as well.

There is a wide array of varieties to choose from and the prices are cheaper in the long run in comparison to natural lawn.

No maintenance required and low cost

Unlike your real lawn turf, this one does not need water or sunlight to thrive. Just make sure that it is installed properly so that it will last long and look sleek. With synthetic grass, you will enjoy massive, on-going savings not only in water, but in mowing, feeding, and edging, not to speak of labor intensive practices such as de-thatching and aerating. We all know that green lawns require hard work, so if you are too busy for it you might as well opt for synthetic grass.

Does Not Smother And Die

With your synthetic grass, you can place your inflatable pools, trampolines, and other items in your lawn without making the area under them turn brown. Once you remove the weight, this type of grass will bounce back to its original shape and its color will never fade. It can handle traffic without getting damaged. This also means that you can enjoy more of your time outdoors.

Pet And Kid Friendly And Safe

Let your kids enjoy playing in your lawn. The only thing that you need to do to secure the place is to check for anything sharp that might have fallen on your lawn. With fake grass, the chance of getting the sand into your kids’ eyes is slim. Don’t worry if your pets relieve themselves on it as well since you can clean it the way you clean the real grass.

Relaxing And Refreshing

Love your garden and lawn more as they stay green for the entire year. Your flowering plants will look more appealing and your garden will become more desirable to visit.

Holds The Soil Down

Installing synthetic grass will reduce getting dust and sand all over your property. When heavy rain falls, you don’t need to contend with mud. Install brick pavers as well so that you can have clean walkway.


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