Five Flooring Trends in 2020

  • Posted: Dec 12, 2019
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Five Flooring Trends in 2020

2020 seems to be taking on a conceptual take for flooring allowing homeowners to play around with different styles and materials to create the perfect space at home. Flooring trends in 2019 introduced us to bold, bright flooring that created a strong sense of home. We also saw smart flooring concepts like waterproof carpeting make its way to the stage. There has also been a revival in vinyl, the use of distressed woods and patterned flooring.

Texture Take 

Although smooth floors remain classic, current design trends are leaning towards textured flooring. The return to hardwood floors in 2020 brings not only decorative advantages but hardwood also serves as noise and heat insulator. Notably, the best flooring to walk barefoot on, wood gives room to play with different brush types, from distressed and reclaimed to wire-brushed and hand-scraped textures.

This creates interesting shadeurs for your flooring. Bamboo, cork and engineered wood are also popular materials for textured flooring.

Colour Codes

Coloured flooring in wood, vinyl, laminate and tiling are gaining popularity for both homes and offices. The use of grey undertones either alone or cleverly used with gold and honey tones are big on the trend forecast for 2020. Using them individually is a great way to get in on the trend, but more adventurous is the use of these colours together.

Pattern Play

Wooden floors, especially in the Parquet style are making a comeback. Keeping it authentic and returning to “old school” flooring techniques are not just for hipsters anymore. Many design companies are incorporating authentic design styles with more advanced flooring materials. Using different colours, sizes and geometric patterns are a lovely alternative to the usual straight-line type of flooring lay. 

Concrete and Stone

Timeless and classic. Stone, concrete and porcelain materials for flooring are very popular amoung interior designers. They go well with many interior styles and tend to last for a very long time. Stone flooring trends for 2020 create interesting and unique surface finishes that are as unique as you.

Smart Carpets

Carpeting has come a long way. Waterproof carpeting has been a major invention in recent years. Having carpets are much more user-friendly today than they have ever been before. Waterproof carpeting is ideal for busy families and homes with pets. Another trend in carpeting are carpets made from recyclable materials and carpets that are even recyclable themselves.

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