Focus on corners to bring new life to a room

  • Posted: Jul 07, 2016
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Focus on corners to bring new life to a room

The corners of a room are too often neglected. They’re regularly forgotten about while you plan your feature wall and pick furniture and art for the room. However, corners can be the perfect place to bring the whole décor of your home together.

Our experts advise that if you have a room that isn’t quite working for you, don’t start thinking about repainting or buying new furniture. Rather look at the corners in the space and see if there is anything you can do there to bring new life to a normally dead space.

Go wild with varied pot plants

A corner can often feel far away from things that are happening in a room. This is especially true if you’ve pulled the furniture away from the walls as is common in your living or dining rooms. A simple way to bring the corner to life is to put something actually alive in it – like a pot plant.

You can go small and understated by adding a little pot on top of a small table or stand. This adds a subtle touch to a room.

Alternatively, go big and really take over the space with a tree in a pot plant.

Large corner pot plant

Make the corner the room’s focal point

Instead of a feature wall, why not have a feature corner? Add wallpaper to just this area or fill the corner with a collage of artwork or family photographs.

Get shelves made to fit the corner. This will make the space unique and true to your personal décor tastes.

Another great idea is to use a ladder propped up in the corner. This can act as unique shelving or be a hanging rail for blankets for your living room or bedroom.

Light them up with stand lamps

A large, oversized lamp is a perfect way to bring life to a corner of a room and tie the otherwise dead space in with the rest of your décor. There are so many options for lamps – vintage and classic, all the way through to ultra-modern.

Using lamps around your room in the corners also gives you some great lighting options to create mood and atmosphere.

Create a reading nook

If you have a lovely chair that doesn’t quite work with the rest of your furniture in a room, you can always make a separate space in the corner. Create an island that’s a little different to the rest of the room with a side table, rug and even a stand lamp to light your reading area.

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