Fun vertical garden ideas

  • Posted: Aug 22, 2016
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Fun vertical garden ideas

A vertical garden is a great way to get some living greenery into a small space or an unusual place. They can be either functional or purely decorative – although the truth is that plants are always both.

The traditional use of a vertical garden is on a small property where there isn’t much space for a lawn and flower beds. By putting the greenery on the garden walls, you free up space for a patio or a pool.

However, you don’t always have to go traditional. We have some fun ways to use vertical gardens in any home.

Herb garden in your kitchen

Who doesn’t love cooking with fresh herbs? Growing your own for your kitchen is incredibly popular and easier than you think. Many people opt for planters that sit on the windowsill in the kitchen or a little patch outside the back door. However, we think that a herb garden is the perfect opportunity for a vertical garden.

Pick a free space on the kitchen walls and plan your garden. There are several ways you can go – individual pot holders or a mesh structure that the plants grow in are both popular options.

Vertical planter shapes

A really fun thing to do with a vertical garden is to spell out words, create big monograms or even use one to put your street number on the wall. With the correct frame work, you can make letters and numbers, as well as beautiful shapes and designs.

There are plenty of frames that you can buy and then you add your own plants. Take a look at Etsy and eBay for some inspiration. Alternatively, you can make your own entirely from scratch with some wood for the frame, potting soil and mesh to hold everything together.

Natural filtration system in a bedroom

Having plants in your bedroom provides a wide range of benefits, from softening the décor to cleaning the air. Feng Shui experts always advise putting a pot plant or two in your bedroom as this will help to calm the space.

We think that all of this makes the bedroom the ideal space for a vertical garden. You won’t be taking up valuable space and you can create a beautiful focal point. Perhaps go for a living headboard.


The great thing is, a vertical garden can work for a range of home décor styles – you don’t have to stick to organic and natural with the rest of the room. Take a look at how you can mix plants in with an industrial style room.

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