Fun ways to organise your bathroom

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Fun ways to organise your bathroom

It’s quite simple to breathe new life into your bathroom and stop it from feeling cluttered and messy. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and a few small changes to the way you store items. These are some of our favourite ideas for organising your bathroom.

Use a cake stand next to the sink

Clutter around the sink can instantly make your bathroom look and feel a mess. A fun way to organise everything, especially if you don’t have much space, is to use a cake stand. One of these will keep the area neat and will add a bit of stylistic flair to the room. With the wide range of cake stands available, you’re sure to find something that matches your décor.

Spice racks for cleaning products

It can be an ongoing struggle to keep your cupboards neat and also be able to reach everything inside them. A great trick to help with this is to use spice racks. Using one or more of these in your bathroom cupboards will allow you to store your cleaning supplies in an orderly manner.

If you don’t have enough cupboard space for everything in your bathroom, you can also use freestanding spice racks. These will keep items neatly stacked on the floor.

Pull out drawers inside your cupboards

Bathroom cabinets – especially the larger ones underneath the sink – can get quite messy. Most people store an array of items, from cleaning supplies to travel sponge bags. Additionally, these kinds of items don’t always pack away neatly.

A simple and effective way to neaten everything up is to use pull out drawers. You can buy these at any plastic or homeware shop. They don’t need to be installed, you simply stand them on the shelves inside the cupboard.

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Floating shelves high up on the wall

Floating shelves are very elegant and offer very useful storage – especially in small rooms. A great idea for getting extra space in your bathroom is to install shelves high up on the walls. You can then use them for storing extra towels and other items you don’t use very often. They’ll be out of the way and mostly out of sight.

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