Get the industrial look at home

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Get the industrial look at home

The industrial look is incredibly modern and also very fashionable right now. It’s all about seeing the building for what it is rather than disguising things with plaster, paint and decorations. It can be a very sparse look, but it can also be incredibly luxurious if done right.

Leave your pipes exposed

The key to this style is to show off the building materials that you use. With this in mind, make sure that you get beautiful copper pipes or plumbing that looks good when on display.

Exposed pipes for the industrial look


Mix wood and metal

Keeping with the theme of exposing the building materials, original wooden beams work beautifully with an industrial look. The organic wood softens the harsher concrete and metal on display.

If you don’t have beams in your home, you can always add wooden details to your décor.

Wooden decor for the industrial look

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Don’t cover up your bricks or concrete

Being able to see the work that went into creating your home is key to getting an industrial look, so make sure you don’t cover up your bricks with plaster.

It is important to seal your exposed walls though – especially in the bathroom and kitchen where there is regular steam. Sealing the surfaces with something like varnish also gives your walls, floors and ceilings a lovely high shine.

If you want to add some colour, you can always paint straight onto the rough bricks rather than covering them with plaster first.

Painted exposed bricks  for the industrial look

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