Get the popular pendant lighting look just right

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Get the popular pendant lighting look just right

If you haven’t embraced the pendant lighting trend that’s gracing many homes, it’s high time that you do! They’re a popular lighting choice for an array of rooms and add an instant decorative flourish to any space. We show you how to get the look just right with these pointers on where and how you should hang your pendant lights.

pendant lighting over kitchen island

Pendant lighting above a kitchen island

The room you might commonly find pendant lighting is in the kitchen. The fixtures are hung over the kitchen island and are a great solution for providing enough light for both food preparation and easy dining.  In addition to casting light, they also enhance the overall design of the kitchen.

Generally, pendants should be placed 70 to 85 cm above the counter-top, measuring from the bottom of the hanging light and the surface of your table.  Or  1,8 metres above the floor.

Remember to hang the fixtures high enough so that you are not staring directly into the light while standing.

pendant light

Over the dining table

The recommended height to mount a pendant over a dining table is 70 to 80 cm above the table top. The fixture can be hung slightly higher or lower depending on your personal preference, the size of the fixture and height of the ceiling.

Consider the purpose of the fixture. Are they needed for ambiance or for illumination, or both? Select a fixture that will meet the lighting needs of the location.

Hanging multiple pendants above a rectangular dining table not only casts sufficient light for the length of the table surface but amplifies the aesthetics of the space.


Pendant lighting above dining table

In stairwells and entrance halls

pendant lightingWisely hung fixtures in stairwells or entrance halls can introduce atmosphere and beauty to the narrow space. In spaces with high ceilings it is important that the pendant lights aren’t hung so high that they are outside of the line of sight while standing in the space.

Hanging a succession of identical fixtures down the length of a hall can look impressive. It creates a flow of light guiding you from one room to the next.

The key is to hang them high enough so that there is still plenty of head-room while using the stairs.



In the middle of a room

Pendants can dress up a room while also being functional. It’s a good idea to hang the fixtures lower in or near the centre of a room. In this way, it highlights the furniture below it such as a couch or a coffee table.  This looks elegant while also avoiding the chances of someone walking under it and knocking their head.

Pendant lighting in the middle of the room


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