Home Décor – What Does Your Style Say About You?

  • Posted: Apr 19, 2017
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Home Décor – What Does Your Style Say About You?

Did you know that your home décor speaks volumes about you? The style you choose gives others a glimpse into your personality – find out more!

When it comes to home décor , everyone has different tastes. Some love modern or contemporary, while others love country, rustic or the romantic style of shabby chic. What does your favorite décor say about you? More than you may think!

If you love modern styling, you are more than likely a no nonsense person who likes everything straight and to the point. This type of home décor often consists of simple, sparse furnishings with straight lines and minimal fuss.

Those who are crazy about shabby chic décor are often romantic at heart. This style exudes a soft and airy feeling, with a romantic look. Pastels and a worn or washed look add old charm to this style. Furniture is often whitewashed and worn around the edges. Chandeliers, plant stands, candles and all other accents are usually a tad on the feminine side.

Do you love exotic or Asian colors and accents? If you are one who loves a look that is anything but traditional, you are probably a bold person yourself. Rich colors are often used in this décor . Reds, golds, blacks, burnt orange – like the colors in this décor , you are more than likely no shrinking violet. Asian and exotic styling demands attention, and will not be ignored. Does this sound like you?

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Then we come to country home décor. This style is commonly used by people who are extremely warm and friendly. The more company, the better! You have a place in your home and your heart for anyone and everyone. This look is charming, comfortable and welcoming, just like you. You enjoy nothing better than having a kitchen full of visitors, waiting to eat a slice of your homemade pie.

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You can see how peoples personalities often lend to the style of décor they choose. When it comes to decorating the place you call home, make sure it represents what you want it to say! Your home décor is much closer related to your personal traits and characteristics than you probably realize.

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