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Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives

  • Posted: Nov 30, 2019
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Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives

The festive season is synonymous with sparkling decorations, little lights, and snow-frosted trees. We see them in shopping malls, the streets and in the homes of people who celebrate Christmas. Give the festive DIY-er in you a chance to recreate Christmas with these modern Christmas tree alternatives.

Here’s our selection of modern Christmas tree alternatives to try out this year.

The Chalkboard Tree

Chalkboard walls are becoming increasingly popular, so why not draw your Christmas tree on it? String lights or even a homemade garland across a graphic chalkboard tree to add some depth in your creation. You can also zone in on your artistic skills and illustrate the decorations directly on your chalkboard wall. Alternatively, you can buy a chalkboard to draw on and decorate then hang it up on the wall.

Chalkboard Tree

Pallet Wood Tree 

This easy Christmas tree alternative will add rustic charm to your holiday décor. You can use old or discarded pallet wood to create the tree. Measure and saw strips of wood that resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. Use some green and red paint to add a dash of colour or keep it simple in white with trendy tree decorations.

A Reader’s Tree

Every reader’s ultimate dream tree. This easy alternative looks cool and gives your home library a different look. You can stack your own books or you can buy cheap second-hand books to create this tree. Books can be stacked in numerous ways, making this tree alternative a very creative one. String bright lights over and across the book pile to give it that festive feel.

Ladder Tree

For an easy DIY project try this alternative. All you need is a ladder of any kind, an array of festive decorations like strings and lights, figurines, ornaments, and tinsel to create a modern Christmas tree alternative. This simplistic, non-traditional alternative is a must in the DIY-ers home this season!

Cactus Tree

The perfect alternative for Christmas celebrations in hot climates. Decorating a cactus tree with bright ornaments and lights is a great way to get in on the festivities. Choose a cactus size and type that suits your home and lifestyle.

Cactus Tree

Looking for more décor inspirations? We have everything to get your creative juices flowing here.

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Choosing Garage Doors

  • Posted: Nov 23, 2019
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Choosing Garage Doors

Choosing garage doors has been important for homeowners since the invention of motorcars. Your garage door is the last and first thing you see when you leave or return home. It is also the first thing people see when they come to visit. Let’s face it, great garage doors can give your home some serious curb appeal. If you are like many others, you may not even notice your garage doors anymore. Taking a closer look could help you decide if you want to revamp your old doors or buy new ones. Options are endless and there are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing garage doors. The right garage doors can complement your home and even your garden. Garage doors should never be an afterthought as they can increase the value of your property.

The Look

You don’t want your garage door to give the wrong impression about your style or your priorities as a homeowner. The look of a garage door that is rusted, falling apart or unvarnished looks awful. However, upgrading a garage door that compliments your home is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of factors to consider like, design type, style, materials and of course automation. Garage styles can be found in aluminium, wood, glass and steel – all with their own unique look.

Return on Investment 

Garage doors should never be an afterthought as they can increase the value of your property. It’s a common fact that home improvement adds value. This may only materialise when it’s time to sell, but for many homeowners, that’s the point. All garage doors require annual maintenance to keep them looking good and running smoothly. Maintaining the look of your garage doors is vital when re-selling is on the table.


Garage door security is important for all South African homeowners. Choosing a garage door with extra security elements is a great idea when you decide to upgrade yours. Make sure you have motion sensors installed inside your garage, as in most cases your garage door leads to a door that allows entrance into your home.

Find a garage door specialist right here in HOMEMAKERS. 

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African Design and Décor Destinations To Explore

  • Posted: Nov 19, 2019
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African Design and Décor Destinations To Explore

Our InHabit themed Johannesburg expo is almost here! This year InHabit is all about inhabiting the spaces that surround you, inspired by Africa. Africa is not only trending in terms of décor but also as a design destination. Historically speaking, many African countries have been influenced by European, Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. This created a unique style only known to these countries themselves, making them a favourite as African design destinations.

As some of these African countries became independent, many cultural remnants were left behind therefore acting as evidence of their existence. Fused with traditional African flair over the years, these destinations have become unique in their architecture, designs and décor. 


The country of allure and mystery. When your mind wanders to Morocco, you may be seduced by images of lavish green courtyards decorated in mosaics. Arched walkways in pastel colours, the smell of incense in a bustling souk and the sound of bartering in the background.

Long known for its architectural and design influences in modern boho trends, Morocco is a great destination to visit if you’re keen to find unique pieces for your home. From richly textured tapestries, satins and silks, leather goods, ceramics and more, if it’s rich textures you’re after, Morocco is the place for you. See this lovely shopping guide for Morocco here.

South Africa

Take into consideration our 11 official languages and the impact those different cultures can have on our lifestyle and living style. Delicate beading inspired by the Ndebele culture has been popular in home décor since Esther Mahlangu started making waves on the international art scene in the early 90s with her BMW art car. Recently Belvedere Vodka made her an ambassador for their Belvedere Red campaign alongside John Legend. She’s still relevant and so is her art and similarly, the influence it has on beautifully decorated homes throughout South Africa.

South African design and décor elements includes re-usable items, bright beadwork, animal textures and raw wood. In terms of design, the Cape offers a lovely selection of Cape Dutch building design. These form an important part of South African heritage and design.

African Design and Decor


Zanzibar is known for its warm tropical waters and blissful beaches. What makes it even more intriguing is the variety of building styles found throughout Zanzibar. Here you can find subtle clues about Zanzibar’s long and varied history. 

Strong Arabic, Indian, Swahili and European influences add a unique and vibrant style only found in Zanzibar. Carved teak doors and decorative doorknobs can be found all over, leaving you with many ideas on how to incorporate it in your home. Find one of a kind furniture, rich fabrics, Massai jewellery and wood carvings to add to your unique décor collection. 

For The Love Of Wonder


Mozambique is another destination known for its beautiful beaches and distinctive Portuguese influences in design. Maputo is a culture trip that can easily take you through different decades of Mozambican life after independence. With over four centuries of Portuguese rule, you cannot miss these obvious influences. Mozambique was considered a trading post on the route to India. Its remarkable architectural unity is due to the consistent use of it by the Portuguese since the 16th century.

From a design perspective, you can expect to see typical Portuguese-like styles in buildings from churches to government buildings. Bright colours are really important in Mozambican culture. Bright colours are everywhere you look and found in their Capulana fabric designs. These make for trendy accents in your home. 

African Design

From easy to visit destinations to ones that may take more planning, adding these African design destinations on your travel bucket-list is any décor and design lovers dream.

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