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Inspirational tips on how to improve your home.

African Inspired Décor

  • Posted: Oct 25, 2019
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African Inspired Décor

Africa is trending. We are in the spotlight for everything from fashion and film to visual arts and design. Creating a space in your home that is inspired by the African aesthetic is a great idea if you’re keeping up with décor trends. African décor and design elements can give your home a warm, sophisticated feel. 

Decorative tribal elements are easy to achieve and never go out of style. Incorporating raw elements and hand-crafted items like woven baskets and mats are a good start. We love bright beadwork, monochromatic prints and well thought out colour schemes to create African ambiance in your home or office. Here are a few elements you can include to get the perfect look.

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Glass Sliding Doors

  • Posted: Oct 21, 2019
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Glass Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doors are a beautiful addition to any house. They allow natural light to break through your home, brightening up any dark rooms or corners. They also allow for easier accessibility between the in and outdoors. Here are our top reasons to consider modern, glass sliding doors in your home.

Natural Light

The extra-large glass panes in sliding doors run from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This allows your chosen design to bring as much natural light as possible into your home. This ensures a well-lit home during the day, which is energy-efficient and cost-effective.


Accessibility is a big deal in large family homes. You want family members to be able to move between indoor and outdoor spaces easily and safely. Glass sliding doors are the perfect fit if your family spends equal amounts of time both inside and outside.

Air Circulation

Effective air circulation and airflow are really important factors in your home. Strategically installing a large sliding door at one end of your house can make a big difference. By letting in large amounts of fresh air into your home, you improve overall air quality. 

Great Views

Designing or revamping your home with large sliding doors in mind gives the impression that the inside and outside worlds merge seamlessly. It allows you to make your outdoor living spaces an integral part of indoor living instead of separating the two. Looking out at your lovely summer garden or seeing the city from your balcony makes a world of difference in everyday living.

If your plan is to find a way to increase light exposure and energy-efficiency into your home, considering a glass sliding door might be your best bet.  Looking for more inspiration about large doors and windows? Read our article on aluminium doors and windows here.

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Closing the Door on Poor Security

  • Posted: Oct 18, 2019
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Closing the Door on Poor Security

Security is a pretty big deal in South Africa and doors, walls, windows and gates are what stand between you and the outside world. We want to keep our loved ones safe and our belongings out of the wrong people’s hands. This means we need to invest in quality security barriers. There are many types of security options when it comes to choosing the right one, and we’re sharing our insider info to help you make the right decision.


As entrance and exits to your home, secure doorways are the first line of defense and can either be a reliable barrier or a great vulnerability. Intruders use many creative ways to enter your home, but unlike windows which you can customise quite easily, doorways do not always offer the same elements of customisation. Locking your door is the first security measure we all take in our homes, but most locks can forcibly be opened to gain access. Retractable security gates are a popular choice for their strength, durability and slam lock ability.

We regularly see security gate companies convincing us to invest in expandable or retractable security barriers. These can be customised and are a great option when trying to protect entrances with double or sliding doors. Quality security barriers have a long lifespan and cannot be broken or bent by intruders.

Security barriers must meet some requirements of structure and quality to obtain a high degree of certification. One cannot ignore that a good security barrier serves as a deterrent to thieves. Do not hesitate to invest the money as necessary, as it is an essential element in your home for protection.

Good Armour

Armoured doors also fall into the category of security barriers, but have a different look and function. The main feature of a traditional armoured door is the solid steel structure in the middle of the door leaf. They are great because of their strong steel core. The performance is stable and will not be deformed due to weather changes or long-term use. In addition to the anti-theft function, it also has excellent fire safety, sound insulation, heat preservation, and even bulletproof functions. It is also very easy to install and can have a service life of more than 20 years.

Keep your home or business safe by investing in good security barriers that will last a life-time. If you are considering an upgrade to your security options, let HOMEMAKERS help you find the best product for your needs. 

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