3 Spaces to Protect with Xpanda Security

  • Posted: Jul 01, 2019
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 3 Spaces to Protect with Xpanda Security

Xpanda Security have been securing South African homes for 45 years. Since starting production of specialised security barriers in 1974, they have grown to offer the widest and most comprehensive range of anti-burglar protection in the country.

Here are the top three places you can protect using Xpanda products at home.

SUPAGUARD. Photo Supplied by Xpanda

Window Fix

Supaguard is Xpanda’s most popular and recommended fixed burglar guard system. Installed internally using Xpanda’s patented boot system and fixed with tamper-proof fasteners to all four sides of your window, Supaguard protects your entire window from possible entry.

These effective guards are available in a variety of UV resistant colours and can be customised with decorative pieces and an emergency escape hatch to accommodate your unique requirements. 

See Xpanda’s full burglar bar range.

Double Doors 

From medium to extreme security needs, Xpanda’s trellis-style sliding security barriers can be used at entries, exits, patios or sliding doors all around your home.

X-DOOR. Photo Supplied by Xpanda.

On the medium security side, Alu-Glide and X-Door are economical options that are best suited for basic outdoor and indoor protection needs. For a uniform look across your home, X-Door can also be used for both windows and doors.  To get a perfect design match, X-Guard is recommended on windows if you choose to use Alu-Glide on your doors.

T-Max. Photo Supplied by Xpanda.

Made from steel and aircraft grade aluminium, T-Max is ideal for high risk environments. With a tamper proof double Slamlock system, T-Max provides a quick-lock, physical barrier in the case of an emergency.

For extreme security, South Africa’s premier sliding security trellis door, Multiguard, is a top choice. Constructed with 70%, UV resistant solid steel, Multiguard is ideal for outdoors, particularly around patios.

Most of Xpanda’s sliding security barriers take up between 18 – 25% of the opening space when stacked away and can be custom made for the best fit. This makes them a convenient option for when your doors are open and a strong security solution that meets your needs. 

See Xpanda’s full security door range.

Revved Up Driveway Gates

Custom Driveway Gate. Photo Supplied by Xpanda.

Driveway burglary incidents are an unfortunate reality. Xpanda’s range of wrought iron swing and sliding driveway gates create a strong barrier to protect you and your vehicle while entering and exiting your property. 

Xpanda’s driveway gates are custom made and hand forged to include decorative pieces that suit your home. For extra protection, Xpanda also offers full gate automation.

See Xpanda’s full Driveway gate range.

With almost half a century in the business you can rely on Xpanda Security to provide outstanding quality products, great service and competitive costs. 

Their product range is also suited for business use with specialised workplace products such as the Xpanding Barrier and Roller Shutter Door range.

Get a free quote from Xpanda Security here.

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