Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo a huge success for Vermont Sales and their international brands

  • Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo a huge success for Vermont Sales and their international brands

The Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo is one of the key shows on the Vermont Sales calendar and the company is a big supporter of the Expo. Their commitment to the show takes form in their own huge show stand where many of their international brands and products were displayed and demonstrated. Adding to this, Vermont Sales also run many of the demonstrations on the Builders DIY Theatre throughout the event, showcasing their leading brands. The company’s blue chip brand Festool is the sole sponsor of the University of Johannesburg faculty of Art Design, Architecture, and Industrial Design awards. A full display of all the top Festool finalists were featured on the Expo and the overall winner was announced at the Expo.


Left to Right: Greg de Villiers Sales manager Vermont Sales, Nadja Korbel Festool Territory Sales Manager and Specialist Demonstrator, Edmar Maree placed 2nd overall, overall winner Kari de Villiers, 3rd placed Marcha Naude, Martin Bolton – Head of 3rd Year Department of Industrial Design School at UJ and Johandie Slabbert PR Executive at HOMEMAKERS Expo

“The HOMEMAKERS Expo provided a wonderful platform for us to showcase several of our DIY and Home improvement tools. Festool’s demo stations were continually busy with numerous people admiring the quality of these innovative power tools,” said Greg de Villiers Sales Manager Vermont Sales. “Our SawStop demonstration was a show stopper as normal with people in awe of this finger saving technology. Other products like Kreg and Howard were very well received and customers engaged in these demonstrations with great enthusiasm,” said de Villiers.


Vermont Sales Manager Greg de Villiers at the Festool award. Photo credit: Elza Cooper

Although customers could buy from the stand via our retail partner (there were many very attractive, affordable show specials) the main point for Vermont Sales was to generate interest and exposure for their world class brands. While some chose to make a purchase at the show, many will return to their favourite retailers to purchase these fantastic products, some of which were seen for the first time at the show.

Highlights over the 4 days were the SawStop demo’s and Tork Craft‘s engraving demo which was an excellent demonstration of how visitors can effortlessly customise gifts like glasses, frames, stoneware, and other craft projects. Tork Craft even showed visitors how they could make a wooden ring in a matter of minutes that just slips on your finger using this amazing rotary tool. In addition, the OLFA demonstration, including all the multipurpose cutters, was an interesting display that had many people leaving in a hurry to try out there new favourite tool. The Festool entries this year from the University of Johannesburg Faculty of Art Design, Architecture, and Industrial Design were of a very special class and the students presented their clever state-of-the-art designs, models and drawings.


Festool Demo. Photo Credit: Elza Cooper

“Shows are really expensive, time consuming not to mention hard work for most exhibitors but it is so worth the reward when you see people amazed at the ingenuity of the top-quality tool manufactures,” said Greg De Villiers. “We had an amazing show which was only made possible by the team at Vermont Sales that are dedicated to offering the best service to customers, all of this would also not happen without the huge support from the HOMEMAKERS Expo team. Will we be back next year, most certainly,” said de Villiers  

For more information contact Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or  visit their web site  – Trade enquiries welcome.

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