How to make a small room appear bigger

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How to make a small room appear bigger

With housing space becoming more and more limited, the size of our homes have shrunk. Many people find themselves having to make compromises in decorating and organizing smaller homes in order to create space and harmony. So, how do you make a small room feel more spacious? This is one of the most common interior design dilemmas, and we’re here to share a few style secrets to help you get all the space you need.

Choose statement pieces instead of many smaller pieces

Over-stuffing a small room with furniture is a space killer. Too many pieces will create clutter. Rather choose one statement piece. Select furniture with exposed legs as opposed to boxy types because the legs give it elevation and that airy feeling.
Style Secret: Pull furniture away from the walls. It will make the room more spacious.

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Learn how to strategically place mirrors

It’s conventional wisdom that mirrors are effective at creating the illusion of space, but the key is knowing where and how to position them. Go large, and select a mirror that comes close to covering an entire wall. The best places to hang a mirror? Place them strategically behind a light source such as lamps, or pendant lights, or opposite a window to reflect the outdoors.
Style Secret: Hang a mirror opposite or towards the focal point of the room. It will give the illusion of depth.

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Keep the walls light

Painting your walls with light colours like white or neutrals will make them visually recede. Keep your draping light too. Remember that dark colours absorb light and make rooms feel smaller.

Opt for transparent furniture

Acrylic, glass or lucite furniture is a great solution to having more furniture in a smaller space. Because they are invisible, they blend seamlessly with the interior while still being a powerful, modern style statement.

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Consider floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

Think about fitting a floor to ceiling bookshelf or a wall to wall version. They’re excellent for de-cluttering and saving space since they keep everything off the floor and free up walking space.
Style Secret: Do not fill up every shelf in a room; leave some of them half empty and spacious for an airy and more dramatic look.

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Keep the flooring simple

Keep the flooring the same colour or tones as the wall and ceiling. By keeping these three surfaces homogeneous, you visually open up the room and create the illusion of more space. Don’t break up a room by adding too many rugs and patterned carpets.
Style Secret: If you want to use a rug, make sure that it doesn’t sit under the couch as this will visually tighten the room.

Hang big art pieces

Instead of bombarding a wall with tons of  frames and pictures, choose one impressive piece of art. These statement pieces gives a room a focal point.

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Remove doors

If possible, remove any unnecessary doors, or install sliding doors. You want to minimise the swing and the space that it robs you of.

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Window treatments

If you can, keep your windows uncovered. It creates more depth in a room. That said, it’s virtually impossible to go without drawn blinds and curtains. In this case, the best option is to keep window treatments as close to the same shade as the walls for a unified and continuous look.
Style Secret: Hanging curtains high and letting them drop to the floor also aids the illusion of height.

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