How to make your own jewellery

  • Posted: May 17, 2010
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How to make your own jewellery

Save the world and create a funky piece of jewellery at the same time…

Did you know that you can recycle things from around your house to create your own unique jewellery?

Search your tool box or kitchen draw and turn safety pins, washers, copper wire – even small coins into amazing pieces of jewellery. Then, find a specialist jewellery shop or online site, buy the items listed below and follow our instructions. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a really satisfying hobby you’ll never want to give up. And your unique pieces of jewellery will be the envy of your friends!

You will need:

Dremel Engraver

Dremel 300 Series and Flexshaft 225

Dremel Project Table

Dremel Clamps x3

Dremel Engraving tip 9929

Dremel multi-chuck 4486

Dremel mandrel 402

Dremel cut off wheels 409

Galvanized wire 0.8mm/ Copper wire 0.4mm

Recycled clasp

Safety pins 27mm/ paper clips

Clear beads

Thin piece of wood

Jeweller’s ring mandrel

Round, and cutting pliers

7mm jump rings x 8


Here’s how:

1. Cut a length of wire and wrap it around a jeweller’s ring mandrel three times to create neat circles. Then make six more circles. Cut lengths of copper wire and wrap them evenly and tightly around the circles.

2. Link the wire circles together using the jump rings and attach the clasp. Lay a piece of wood on the Dremel Project Table, and clamp a safety pin to the wood.

3. Use the Dremel 300 and attach to the end of the Dremel Flexshaft 225 for more precise cutting. Use the cut off wheels 409, multi-chuck 4486 and mandrel 402 to cut the sharp tip off a safety pin.

4. Engrave a simple pattern onto the washers using the Dremel Engraver with the Diamond Engraving Tip 9929 and hang the washers from the bracelet via copper wire.

5. Thread clear beads onto the safety pins and paper clips. Use a pair of

round nosed pliers to bend them into shapes with a loop for hanging.

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