How to use Walling to Increase Street Appeal

  • Posted: Apr 12, 2019
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How to use Walling to Increase Street Appeal

Precast walling is a common perimeter wall choice due to its strength, affordability and low maintenance. For all its practicality, precast walling does tend to lack aesthetic, especially when it comes to street appeal.Ensuring your home looks attractive from the outside adds value when you want to sell and makes it a more visually pleasant place to live if you aren’t interested in selling currently. Here are 4 fairly inexpensive ways to give your precast wall an update to improve your return on investment.

Render It

Completely transform your precast wall by rendering it. Some companies use specialised products that strengthen and change the look of your wall. Thicker pillars, added coping or flush plastering will make your precast wall look like new.

Paint Your Walling

Give your wall new life with a coat of paint in your colour of choice. It is vital to prepare your walls to make sure the paint lasts. Start with a fungicidal to kill any spores and limit fungal growth. Next, check for moisture by covering your wall in plastic sheeting for a full day. If there is condensation on the plastic you will need to seal your wall before painting. Once that is done, apply one coat of masonry or water- based primer to your wall followed by two coats of acrylic exterior paint. Remember to buy more paint than you think you will need to avoid colour differences in different batches.

Wall Art

Let your creative self free or get a creative friend to help you spruce up your wall with some custom wall art. Paint your entire wall a solid colour by following the steps above. Once that is dry, create a feature area that adds a bit of personality to your garden using a simple template such as a stem and leaves. This adds a bit of interest to your wall without being overpowering.

Cover it Up

Build a functional and beautiful vertical herb garden out of pallet wood or cover up your wall by planting a hedge or row of trees. A screen of bamboo or reclaimed timber are also a great way to make a seating area feel like a cosy escape.

Perimeter walls offer privacy and security to your home while creating a set boundary line for your property. As a practical addition to your home, an attractive precast wall can add value to your home by improving it’s street appeal, thereby improving your return on investment.

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