Increase The Durability Of Your Roof

  • Posted: Jan 22, 2018
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Increase The Durability Of Your Roof

There are many reasons not to neglect your roof. Obvious or unforeseen roof problems are a pain and undoubtedly a significant expense. One of the most common is roof leaks that can cause untimely failure of the roof systems.

If you have water stains that extend across ceilings or run down walls, the cause is likely a roof leak. Roofs commonly leak due to flashing (waterproofing) details that weren’t fastened properly during installation, or underperforming flashing material. Often, wind-driven rain comes in, especially around roof windows, dormer walls and through cracks. Flashing around chimneys can rust through if it’s galvanized steel. Water penetrates these areas and works its way behind the flashing into the house. Over a short time, small leaks can lead to big problems, such as mold, rotted battens, spoiled insulation and damaged ceilings. It is suggested to fix leaks immediately to prevent major damage to the roof structure. Being wise to the products used on your roof and the problems that may arise, is key to prevent their escalation.

Traditionally metal or lead flashing is used to seal junctions on the roof. These methods take time to install, the material is inflexible and requires an expert roofer to install it, not to mention regular maintenance thereafter. Coverland provide a high performing lead-free alternative to traditional solutions, EasyFlash abutment seal. EasyFlash DIY rolls are easy and quick to install (a simple roll and stick method saving time) made of a self-adhesive, high stretch (up to 60%) creped structure with performance CH butyl glue for extreme adhesion to the application surface. Applicable to all tile profiles, EasyFlash provides a solution for application areas where the wall and roof meet. Coverland Connection Strip, a coated aluminium strip that is fastened securely to the upper edge of the EasyFlash and wall, is applied to provide additional sealing against water ingress.

Even under extreme weather conditions, like long-term high temperatures, heavy rain and high winds, EasyFlash increases the durability of a roof, thanks to its outstanding weather resistance. Tested at the Group Testing Facility in Germany, Coverland EasyFlash and Connection Strip is 15 years maintenance-free. That allows for savings over its lifespan, in comparison to traditional flashing methods that require maintenance every two to three years.

Advantages at a a glance:

  • All weather durability for 15 years used in conjunction with Connection Strip
  • Maintenance-free
  • Over 50% quicker installation time
  • Save more than 50% of costs over lifespan


Available at leading hardware stores nationwide or contact Coverland: or 011 222 7443 for stockists and more information.

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