Big in Japandi

  • Posted: May 27, 2019
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Big in Japandi

Japandi is a perfect combination of Japanese and Scandinavian (Scandi) interior styles. Although not brand new to the interior decor scene, Japandi is becoming a top interior design trend for 2019. It is a streamlined balance of homey warmth and modern minimalism that makes your home look instantly chic.

Want to know how to pull off this style? Here are three key elements

Natural Warmth

Avoid becoming too sterile by including a bit of Scandi country flair and rich wooden Japanese elements. Wooden cabinets, tables, chairs or panelling in oak or walnut are top choices. A few handcrafted elements and leafy green plants are also great for a homey touch, just keep them to a minimum.

Muted colours

Keep colour to a minimum to enhance the minimalist, clean style. Create contrast with a monochrome palette of white, grey and black. Add simple rich colour accents with blue, brown or blush. Plants also help brighten up rooms.

Clean and Functional

Declutter and keep accessories to a minimum, two decor pieces is more than enough. Use storage boxes to keep rooms neat and invest in furniture that serves a purpose. Statement decor pieces such as cosy Scandi printed or faux fur blankets and Japanese vases with white flowers, greenery or reeds can really pull this style together.

If you’re after an elegant, earthy and simple interior style, Japandi may be just what you are looking for.

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