Let’s go potty

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Let’s go potty

Love it or hate it, we all have to cook, some more than others admittedly, but it is one of those daily chores that you can avoid for only so long and then have to do. So why not enjoy the process, make the most of it with really functional and sometimes even pretty cookware. Let’s take a look at what is available.

Le Creuset

Chantal Oosthuizen, store manager at the Tygervalley shop agreed to tell us more about this exciting product:

Q: Tell us a bit more about your product and what makes it unique?

A: “The toughened non-stick range by Le Creuset combines a special strengthening process and an internally reinforced non-stick surface to create a new, unique, toughened finish for extra durability and superb cooking results. From searing, sautéing and pan-frying to braising and stir-frying, the Le Creuset Toughened Non-stick range will do it all. Each pan distributes heat evenly and efficiently, so that there are no hot spots in your cooking. The carefully constructed base incorporates a magnetic, stainless steel disc that provides extra strength and stability to the pan and makes it suitable for use on all heat sources – including the latest induction hobs.

The weight of our cast iron range is probably its only disadvantage but also its greatest advantage. If they were not heavy then their durability and benefits for cooking wo uld be great ly reduced. Of all the cast iron cookware produced worldwide, Le Creuset has the thinnest wall construction and this is achieved by the consistency of the manufacturing techniques used in the foundry. If the cast iron were too thin, the evenness of cooking and heat retaining properties would be greatly reduced. It would not withstand the rigors of searing and broiling.”]]>

For more information on this wonderful cookware range, vist: www.lecreuset.com

This product has been around for years and one always tends to wonder what makes it so unique. We asked Kaye Cox to tell us a bit more about this pioneer in the cookware department:

Q: Tell us a bit more about your cookware and ranges – focus especially on pots and pans?

A: “We manufacture and sell high quality cookware, which enables waterless and fat-free cooking. Our range is diverse, ranging from a small 16 cm stovetop saucepan with a capacity of 1.1 litres, to our largest, a 40 cm electric unit with a capacity of 32 litres. Our electric range is perfect for transporting cooked food and then later reheating, or to use when there is no stove space available, and it saves on electricity costs too. Our complete range is also induction friendly, as it can be used on induction hobs.”

Q: What makes your pots and pans unique?

A: “Our cookware is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, giving you polished, easy to clean cookware that you can serve your food directly from. The unique Accutherm base also allows you to cook waterless and fat-free over medium to low temperatures. And our cookware carries a lifetime guarantee.”

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of your products?

A: “One of the main advantages of our cookware is that it enables you tocook waterless and fat-free, aiding our customers in living a healthy lifestyle. As our cookware carries a lifetime guarantee you also buy the cookware once, and never need to replace it. In fact you will probably pass it on to your children and grandchildren to cook in. Another advantage is that because of the unique base of our cookware, you can cook on medium to low temperatures, saving on gas and electricity. We also offer excellent after-sales service to all our customers, whether they bought our cookware 42 years or 1 week ago.”

Q: Tell us a bit more about non-stick cookware, the advantages and disadvantages and how to maintain these products?

A: “Our cookware is not traditionally non-stick cookware, as it is not coated in Teflon. However the stainless steel used in the manufacture of our cookware is the most hygienic material for cookware, as it is non-porous. Added to this, it also enables you to cook in a non-stick way as fat-free cooking is possible when using medium to low temperatures.”

For more information on this exquisite range of cookware, visit: www.amcsa.com

Neoflam by Tevo

This cast aluminium cookware range features Ecolon™ non-stick coating. Ecolon™ is a ceramic based coating which is mostly made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica or SiO2), a material most commonly found in nature such as stone and sand.

Unlike traditional cookware with PTFE-based non-stick coating, Ecolon™ is not harmful to the environment and the human body. Neoflam’s cookware is designed to maximize the advantages of cast aluminium. For example, its bottom is thicker than other areas of the cookware to absorb heat as much as possible. The walls are tapered smoothly to distribute thermal energy in an efficient way.

Neoflam cookware has multiple layers of coating as described below. In addition to ceramic non-stick coating, Ecolon™ features an exclusive negative ion technology in all cookware. Ecolon™’s Anion (Negative Ion) additive allows the coating to emit more than 20 times the Anion than typical cookware.

Anion has long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health. Research conducted in the last decade has begun to support the view that negative ions have a net positive effect on health such as stimulation in blood circulation and act as an antimicrobial agent. This elegant cookware range is available in different options and colours.

For more information Visit: www.tevo.co.za for more information.

Bauer Pro

This range of pots and pans has also been around for quite a while and people still keep buying it as time progresses and the original Bauer range has since been upgraded to Bauer Pro.Cast in the highest-grade aluminium with an extra thick base, it gives you perfect heat retention and distribution so food is cooked more evenly and efficiently. The new 5-coat Marbletech non-stick coating is the most advanced fusion of non-stick and durability.

This range contains a selection of Frying Pans, and Casseroles. It is scratch resistant, easy to clean and will not crack or peel. Bauer Pro Marbletech can withstand up to 35000 scrubs as compared to most non-stick pans that only withstand up to 5000 scrubs.
Read more about this trusted product at www.verimark.co.za

Other interesting cookware

Try these items, you’ll love them!

Jamie Oliver Professional Series Stainless Steel Frying Pan by Tefal
Fry your eggs like Jamie does! Developed to Jamie’s meticulous standards of quality, the stainless steel series has all the important features.

High quality stainless steel, a heavy gauge aluminium core base and riveted soft-touch handles that make it easier than ever to bring Jamie’s passion for cooking into your own home.

Scanpan Impact Frypan
Eggs, steak, caramel… it can do it all.
Its name is derived from the impact bonded base. The stylish design on the base proves Scanpan are consistently pushing the boundaries to ensure Scanpan cookware looks great and delivers you the best value for money.

For maximum durability, the walls of Scanpan Impact are made from 18/10 stainless steel. The base has an 18/0 stainless steel protector, which ensures the cookware is suitable for all energy sources, including induction.

Note: You will find these items on www.yuppiechef.co.za

Buy your cookware online!

If you like to shop (just like you love to read) online,Yuppiechef will make you a very happy person. They search the world to bring the very best kitchen tools to South Africa. All products on Yuppiechef are hand-selected for their tried and tested quality, design and functionality. “Yuppiechef sell the world’s best kitchen tools online. We offer free shipping on all orders nationwide, and place a large emphasis on customer service”, says Marina Pape from Yuppiechef.

Yuppiechef’s tips and advice on how to choose cookware:

“Generally, it is wise to look for a pan or pot with a good, solid base for heat retention and one that is from a reputable brand. The important thing to know when buying cookware, is that there are different types perfect for different jobs:

● Non-stick pans are ideal for the more delicate foods like eggs, fish, omelettes, and stir fry, where the temperature is not high. Non-stick needs to be good quality that won’t peel.
● Stainless steel cookware is really durable, and last a long time. It is great for browning meat (the pan can be de-glazed with wine to make a sauce) and the whole pan can go in the oven which is convenient.
● Cast-iron is by far the most affordable cookware, and it’s main benefit is that it retains heat well. It is perfect for stew, braising and cooking anything slowly over a couple of hours. Enamel coated cast-iron is a great option as it offers all the benefits of cast iron but is easy to clean.”

If you want to buy some interesting kitchen gadgets and cookware, visit their website at www.yuppiechef.co.za You won’t be sorry

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