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Aqua-Net The Pool Safety Specialists have over the last 40 years become the trusted name in swimming pool safety nets and covers.

Specialising in products specifically designed to either secure a pool or reduce maintenance and running costs, we have a product that will suit your needs.

The Aqua-Net is an essential part of any parents’ arsenal to ensure the safety of their children.  Easily fitted and removed, the Aqua-Net has a 100% track record to date with no reported drowning’s having occurred on an Aqua-Net.

The Leaf Catcha and Aqua-Guard are great products for the homeowner wishing to reduce maintenance costs and time spent cleaning the pool.  Custom fitted, the Leaf Catcha is an attractive addition to the pool and will provide years of service and electricity, water and chemical cost savings.

The Aqua-Guard is excellent cover providing similar benefits to the Leaf Catcha but with the added advantage of being able to turn off the filter for periods of time.

For those person’s wishing to enjoy the benefits of their pool late into autumn and start the summer early, the Solar Blanket is a fourth product which provides excellent heating and insulation of the pool.  With increases in temperature in excess of 5 degrees and 100% savings on evaporation, the solar blanket is product which will pay for itself many times over.

Aqua-Fence, offers an alternative to the safety net and is a versatile product which allows easy access to the pool and an excellent level of safety.  Aqua-Fence is a removable fencing system which compliments the other products in our range.

With a wealth of experience, covering pools, Aqua-Net can provide the concerned homeowner with a product solution that will meet their needs, backed by a meaningful guarantee and excellent service.  Contact your local branch today!

Aqua Guard – Solid Cover

  • Keeps Dust and Dirt out
  • Increases Water Temp
  • Prevents Algae Growth
  • Electricity, chemical & Evaporation savings
  • Saves Water

Solar Blanket – Floating Cover

  • Increases water temperature and extends swimming season
  • Reduces evaporation & chemical use
  • Easy to manage

Leaf Catcha – Porous Cover

  • Keeps leaves out
  • Allows rain water through
  • Evaporation & chemical savings

Aqua Fence – Removable Pool Fence

  • Easily rolled up and stored away
  • See-through black mesh blends beautifully with any garden
  • Maintenance free

Contact Us:

  • Jhb: 011 886 4005
  • Pretoria: 012 661 2833
  • Cape Town: 021 552 8686
  • Durban: 031 701 7041
  • Port Elizabeth: 082 311 2348
  • Garden Route: 082 808 0110
  • East London : 083 777 1630

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