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Firmapile is a Pretoria based company, with a separate office servicing the KwaZulu-Natal region, specialising in piling, underpinning and jacking of homes and other buildings and structures. If your walls are cracking or you have problems with your home foundations or you need piles for a new foundation then you need the services of Firmapile.

The use of piles to support walls and floors is common practice but the problem is that the usual means of pile driving prevents it from being used beneath existing walls and foundations – this is where Firmapile comes in.

Firmapile uses a smaller version of the huge augured concrete piles that often get used under large multi-story buildings. Our equipment can be carried into buildings and used in tight corners and restrictive areas.

How Does This Piling, Underpinning and Jacking Work?

The cracks that form in your home walls are usually caused by movement of the soil on which the foundation rests. Piling your home involves putting down piles which then rest on bedrock which is not susceptible to the same heaving and movements as the soil. This means that your home is on a more solid foundation.

Where Can the Firmapile System of Piling, Underpinning and Jacking be Used?

The Firmapile system has been used for the past 26 years in various soil conditions such as turf, clay, collapsible soil, dolomite and sea sand as well as in the water. The Firmapile system of piling, underpinning and jacking can also be used effectively in confined spaces that other methods of piling are not able to access.
For more information on Firmapile please see our Products page or contact us for more information.

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