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Hydrofire offers clients top quality, affordable wood fireplaces and will give you friendly, professional advice to help you find the perfect heating solution for your personal needs. Hydrofire supply and install a selection of EU-certified freestanding fireplaces, built-in fireplaces, boiler stove central heating solutions, insulated flue piping and locally manufactured braais. Hydrofire focuses mainly on heating that utilizes wood as a source of energy, as they have determined wood to be the most cost effective source of energy for domestic fireplaces.

They offer a wide selection of both steel fireplaces and cast iron fireplaces in many variations.You can choose to go with a built-in fireplace that looks modern and saves on space, or go for freestanding to add some character to a room.  Boiler stove fireplaces are used when an entire home needs heating, it circulates warmth throughout.

Become the ultimate braai master with one of their quality, wood burning, built-in, free standing or combo braais.

Whether designing a complex central heating system with automated controls, or simply installing a wood burning fireplace in a living room, consideration needs to be given to the installation and design of the fireplace or system.
To find out more about the Hydrofire approach, contact us today.

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