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JKNV Energy Prepaid Meters

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JKNV Energy Prepaid Meters

JKNV Contracting cc was established in 1998 as an electrical contracting service provider to the greater Gauteng area, offering prepaid meter installations and sales of prepaid meters. The demand for prepaid sub meters became so great that we decided to specialise in the sales and installation of prepaid meters exclusively. We now have a fleet of 3 vehicles and 3 install teams and 3 support staff, servicing Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds, from the East Rand to the West Rand.

JKNV Contracting expanded its operations into property ownership and management. In 1999 JKNV Property Investments was established and now has a property portfolio of 27 rental units. In 2008 recognising that prepaid electricity was becoming more and more popular. We searched out suppliers of private prepaid metering devices for our property portfolio.

As rumours suggested huge hikes in energy prices and an increased number of tenants disputed our energy consumption calculations. We opted to do a self managed prepaid meter installation across our property portfolio.

The success of this system was great and in 2009 we decided to expand our prepaid meter installations into the rental market. With an already well established prepaid meters division we do the prepaid meter installation in-house. Making it more cost effective and convenient for the end user. The rental market’s need for prepaid sub meters was great and in the space of 2 months we reached our target of 100 supplied, installed and managed prepaid metering devices.

It soon became apparent that revenue collection was to become risky and complicated. With tenants calling us at any time requesting electricity vouchers. We investigated safer methods of revenue collection for the prepaid meters. With an emphasis on being user friendly to both the landlord and tenant. In no time we managed to integrate our prepaid meter portfolio into a point of sale system whereby tenants can buy electricity at major retail outlets.

In 2013 we opened our shop and showroom to keep pace with the increasing demand of prepaid meter sales to cater to those installers and property managers who prefer to do the prepaid meter installations for themselves and still benefit from our user friendly vending options. Our prepaid meter portfolio is steadily growing and we service over 1,500 clients and over 5,000 prepaid metering devices in the field.

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