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Pro Brick & Block

Pro brick & block was created by Brian Summerton in 1989 in Blackheath, Cape Town. Pro brick & block has grown from a meager 1000 m² factory to the current 15 000m² factory of today, manufacturing more than 14 000 tons per month.

Brian works hands on with his team ensuring each brick and block has his stamp of approval, ensuring that they maintain and uplift their world class standards.

At Pro brick & block each brick & block is created with great passion and exceptional strength to not only ensure their valued customers satisfaction but in their pursuit to be the best masonry supply company in South Africa.


Pro brick & block offer a vast array of sustainable masonry products such as Bricks, Blocks, Maxis, Bond Pavers, Interlocking Pavers, Rockface Bricks Etc.

Our highly sustainable cement products include MA 190, MA 140, MA 90 Blocks, as well as 7, 14, 21 mPa Maxis and Cement Imperial Bricks.

Our heavy duty 60 mm and 80 mm Interlocker Pavers are used for residential and industrial application.  We also manufacture a range of Bond pavers in grey, tan, charcoal and terracotta.

All our products are tested and approved by PROLAB, a testing facility situated on our premises.  This assures our customers that they are getting high strength and heavy duty masonry products.

Please visit our website for more information.

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