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Pro Brick & Block

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Pro Brick and Block manufactures cement blocks, bricks, maxis, bond pavers, eco pavers and interlocker pavers.

Our customers are building contractors, paving contractors, hardware stores and the homeowner that wants to renovate their homes to increase the value of their properties.

We deliver by crane truck in Cape Town in a 50km radius from Blackheath Industria near Kuilsriver.

Many customers collect their own product directly from the factory in Nicole Avenue Blackheath Industria.


Our friendly staff in the office and dispatch will assist you when you visit our premises.






Come in 3 different Size:s. All the blocks are 390 mm long, 190 mm high and three different widths namely 190mm, 140mm and 90 mm.


The ma 190 mm wide block (referred to as the big block) is used for building free standing boundary walls, garages, factories in Industrial areas, housing etc.

The ma 140 mm wide block (referred to as the medium block) is slightly more cost effective than the ma 190 and also used for building walls, houses etc

The ma 90 mm wide block (referred to as the thin block) is used for dividing rooms inside a house or a double wall can be constructed using brickforce (metal wire) to tie the walls together, also referred to as a cavity wall.


For example, to build a wall that is 10 m long and 1.8 m above the ground (same height as six slabs vibracrete), you will require a 0,6 m deep foundation.

Length 10m x zz 2.4m high (1.8m plus 0 .6m) = 24m2

Need 12.5 blocks per m2 = 24 x 12.5 = 300 blocks




Hollow, 3 holes in the middle.

Strength = 7mPA

Used to build single and cavity walls for housing.

Size: 220 x 90 x 115 mm

Require 34 per m2 for a single wall, 68 per m2 for a double wall (cavity)

For example, you want to build a double wall 4m long and 2.4 m high = 9.6 m2 times 68 maxis per m2 = 653 maxis

392 per pallet, weight 3.6 kg each (pallet weight 1,4 tons)



Solid, strength = 7mPa

Used to build single and cavity walls for housing.

Size: 220 x 108 x 7mm

Require per 50 m2 for a single wall, 100 per m2 for a double wall (cavity)

For example, you want to build a double wall4m long and 2.4 m high = 9.6 m2 times 100 bricks per m2 = 960 bricks

500 per pallet, weight 3.5 kg each (pallet weight 1.75 tons)




If you would like to pave a driveway, measure the length and the width of the area in metres.

For example, 12m long and 6m wide will fit 2 cars next to each other and two cars parked behind each other.

Length 12m x width 6m = 72 m2


Bond pavers (colours grey, red, black and tan) require 50 per m2 therefore 3600 pavers

Eco pavers (Economic) colours grey red black and tan) require 33per m2 therefore 2376 pavers

Interlockers 60mm or 80 mm high only in grey colour, require 48per m2 therefore 3456 pavers, can manufacture tan red and black if at least 50 000 pavers are needed, and an order and 50 percent deposit is paid.


Thank you for allowing us to give you some information regarding building or paving.


Please contact us via phone or email if you require additional information or pricing.


Probrick Team
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