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Reboss Awnings

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Reboss Awnings

Reboss awning installations are a great addition to any outdoor area, they provide shelter, shade, and reduce interior temperatures. Our awnings are sleek, modern designs that are a cost effective installation solution for protection against the sun, rain and hail. An Awning window installation, door or shop front installation gives you 99% UV Protection, whilst still allowing natural light to pass through. Available in aluminium boards and polycarbonate boards, we have the perfect solution to add a touch of elegance to any building.


The Reboss Awning is simple in structure, consisting of the main cover board, front and back aluminium strips and molded aluminium or engineered PVC brackets, making it very easy to install. The easy assembly and quick installation makes Reboss awnings perfect for DIY projects. Homeowners can enjoy huge savings by installing their own Reboss Awnings. However, if you are not handy with  tools our awning installers will ensure your gets done professionally and economically.

About us

Reboss Awnings were introduced into the South African market in 2007. Our friendly sales staff will assist you with designing the ideal awning for your individual needs. We also come out to give free quotations on site. We have excellent well trained and professional installers that will install your awnings very economically and efficiently. We have agents around the country to assist you with your awning needs and we also courier our awnings countrywide.

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