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Screed Worx

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At Screed Worx we strive to offer the best service, experience and quality products for the decorative screed and epoxy industry in South Africa. Our skilled team provides our customers with quality guaranteed workmanship.

Our products include:

  • Pigmented screeds (a 3-mm cementious screed with a mottled lustrous feel, used mainly indoors)
  • Tinted urethane floors (a roll-on application that resembles stoep paint, but with much longer life expectancy, finish is monotone and ideal for garage or outside stoep areas)
  • Epoxy floors (very durable and hard-wearing, used mainly for industrial applications)
  • Decorative wall coatings (we use mainly Paintsmiths and Midas Earthcote wall coatings)
  • Quartz carpet (a 6mm quartz stone floor for interior or exterior use, gives a carpet-like look and smooth feel underfoot, a great addition to screed)
  • Polished concrete floors (a 10mm overlay to replicate the poured-concrete look, has an old-school Terrazzo look)

All our products are available in a large range of colours.

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