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Top Thatch are experts in the thatching industry since 1990. We provide a professional diverse range of services from the construction of Thatch Roof houses, Thatch Roof Lapas, Entertainment areas, Maintenance, Harvey Thatching, Lodges in and Around Africa to installing CCA treated Timber Decks or if you are looking for no maintenance Composite Decks.

Product and Service Range

Services supplied by Top Thatch

  • New thatched roofs
  • Repair of all thatched roofs
  • Strip and re-thatch.
  • Over-thatch of roofs
  • Harvey thatch tiles to new and exciting thatch roofs, gives the feeling of a thatch roof but with hassle free tile roof.
  • Lightning conductors testing and new installation.
  • Pergolas and Fencing with laths.
  • Split Poles walls and fencing
  • Decking with wood and composite wood.
  • Skylights for thatch roofs.
  • Fire retardant sprays for thatching.
    • It extends the life of your thatch
    • It helps to protect your thatch against insects
    • It binds your thatch together making it difficult for birds to dismantle
    • It inhibits the growth of fungus, reducing sinus and allergies
    • It protects your thatch against the sun’s UV rays.
    • Environmental friendly.
  • Design, layout and installation of modern as well as custom build kitchens.
  • All building work.


All work is done with a guarantee and are overseen by the owners of Top Thatch according and fitting to all SANS and TASA rules and regulations.

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