Maintenance and Repairs at Touch of Care

  • Posted: Mar 04, 2019
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Maintenance and Repairs at Touch of Care

As an industry leader, we believe in reaching out and helping our community through annual projects and outreach under our CSI banner HOMEMAKERScare. From making financial contributions to animal shelters to doing building maintenance for NGOs, we pride ourselves on giving back wherever we can.

In the first HOMEMAKERScare project for 2019, we teamed up with DIY with Elle to help with repairs and maintenance at Touch of Care, an NPO in Johannesburg South.

With our Plus One Sponsor, Mega Grip, we were able to provide some much needed maintenance to the NPO’s building as well as build a DIY chalkboard table for the kids to eat, play and learn on.

Touch of Care’s main focus is the care and support of families that are affected by HIV/Aids. They uplift and support the community through home-based care and running a creche for the children in the area.

Watch the video below to see our day at Touch of Care.