Mirror Mirror On The Wall

  • Posted: Apr 05, 2018
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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors may have been around since for ever, but somewhere along the way they went from a tool to check your appearance to a design element. Today we have mirrors not only for function, but for form as well. Some of the newest mirror designs are meant to be a focal point in home decor.

There are many ways that you can use a mirror to solve design headaches in your home.

Have you ever had the need to create a window, but did not want to make a structural change? Perhaps you have an oddly placed window and you need another window to balance the room. You can achieve the look you need by hanging a large mirror where the window needs to be.

Or are you tired of the old-fashioned family oil painting over their fireplace? Replace it with a mirror for a sleek, modern look. Since the fireplace is the focal point of the room, a mirror complements a fireplace perfectly.

A mirror in your bathroom can completely transform the room. If your mirror is plain, consider framing it.

In the bedroom, add a mirror above your headboard for a dramatic look. It will make a plain bed pop. Also, instead of attaching the matching mirror to your dresser, use a decorative free-standing mirror in a beautiful frame. You can also hang a mirror over a simple small accent table along with a decorative chair to create make-up station.


Typically hall ways are narrow. A mirror can be used to make the hallway appear wider. Also, instead of putting pictures or art work in the hall, a mirror is a nice transitional decor piece between areas of the home.

Having a mirror close to your front door is also functional. It’s great for a last-minute look at yourself before you leave the house.

A simple design hack for a small space is to use a mirror to make a small room appear bigger. When deciding where t hang a mirror, don’t forget to notice what the mirror will reflect.

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