Bring your kitchen out of the past

  • Posted: May 09, 2016
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Bring your kitchen out of the past

Is it time that your remodelled your kitchen and brought it into the 21st century? A sleek, modern kitchen is quite easy to achieve and doesn’t require a complete overhaul. Instead of knocking out the fitted cupboards and redesigning everything, rather just focus on a few key elements.

Monochromatic colour scheme

Monochromatic modern kitchenStart with your colour scheme. Monochromatic is the way to go if you want a true modern look. Make your base colour black for sophisticated elegance. This can be added to everything from the cupboard doors to the walls, your floor and even your furniture.
To update your cupboards on a budget, simply repaint the existing doors. Alternatively, you can replace the doors with some sleek, smooth doors that have a reflective finish.


Metallic finishes

No modern kitchen is complete without some metal. If you want to go full out, replace your appliances with stainless steel options. This will go nicely with your black colour scheme and add a bit of dimension to the room.

You can also add accents of stainless steel around the kitchen. Start with the handles on your cupboards and doors, and move onto the functional décor items like the holder for your cooking spoons and spatulas.

Granite (or granite-look) counters

Granite counters for modern kitchen

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Granite counters aren’t just about décor. They are actually very hard working in the kitchen as you can chop right on the surface, place pots straight off the stove onto them, and just wipe them clean when you’re done. Granite also doesn’t chip easily or discolour, meaning it lasts a long time.

A beautiful granite with a marble effect pattern will be the perfect cherry on top for a sleek, modern kitchen. Switching from an old, stained, used-to-be white counter will automatically update the room.

If you’re on a budget, there are several options to get the granite look without the heftier price tag. You can go for a laminate counter that has a granite design printed on it. This won’t last as long or as well over the years, but will still give you plenty of use before needing to be redone.


Update the flooring

Getting rid of old, scuffed flooring will bring new life to your kitchen instantly. Stick to your colour scheme and use black glass tiles to get a high shine that reflects your lighting. Alternatively, a black and white checkerboard effect on the floor will give the room a playful feel while still being elegant. Remember, a larger pattern looks more modern and works well to elongate the space.

Checkerboard flooring in your modern kitchen

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