Outdoor DIY games for the whole family

  • Posted: Sep 18, 2016
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Outdoor DIY games for the whole family

It’s such a relief to be able to get outside and enjoy some sunshine with the whole family now. Spring is very much in the air and it’s time to find some new games to play with the kids.

We’ve found some great ideas for games or quality family time that you can use to get everyone out in the garden. These DIY games are a lot of fun to do and will provide you with something special that you can use for the whole of summer.

Make an obstacle course

Want to get the family active and moving this spring? Obstacle courses are so much fun and, if you’re making your own, you can set it to a difficulty level that won’t put anyone in the family off.

Classic obstacles include a wall to climb over, something to crawl under or through and things to jump over. Start by planning where you can put obstacles in your garden, and decide whether they can be permanent fixtures or need to be removable. Then you can get going with setting everything up.

Giant Scrabble Games

This one is a lot of fun and incredibly simple to make. All you need is something hardy to make the squares – plywood or strong cardboard work well – and a bit of time to paint the letters and scores on.

Outdoor scrabble games

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Build a water blob

These are so much fun for young children and are great to make even if you have a pool in your garden. A water blob is similar to a slip-and-slide, but the plastic is actually full of water.

All you need is some strong plastic. This you can usually get from hardware stores or paint shops. To seal it, try this great method of steaming the edges together. Duct tape is also good to have on hand to cover the hole for the hose and any leaks that may crop up.

Outdoor reading corner

After you’re done being active in the garden, it’s great to be able to sit down and continue to take advantage of the beautiful sunny days. We suggest you create a shady spot where you and the family can sit and read.

Start with a canopy so that the spot is shaded from direct sunlight. Then bring out a comfortable blanket and some outdoor cushions. If you keep everything you use for your reading corner together in a basket, you can get set up each day in no time and pack away easily at the end of the day.

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