Picking the right front door

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Picking the right front door

The front door of your home is the sight that welcomes all people who arrive on your property. In many ways, it sets the tone for your entire home décor style. However, your front door doesn’t just need to look good, it needs to be functional and provide a certain level of security.

Solid wood

This is often seen as a luxurious option as solid wood provides a warmth and an organic look that is hard to beat. While it can be pricey to install this type of door, you won’t have to replace it very often as solid wood is highly durable. You will need to take proper care of the wood and treat it every year to stop the wear and tear of use and the weather.

Composite wood with veneer

To get the wood look at a cheaper price, this is the option for you. Made from particle board or foam material, these doors are compressed at a high pressure to create a solid sheet that is very strong. A veneer or laminate coating is attached to the outside to complete the wood look. The artificial element helps to prevent warping or weather damage over time.


This is a very long lasting version of a composite door. This style can be made to look like real wood or have any kind of finish you prefer. It’s also easily customized in terms of shape and size, meaning you can fit your door to even odd-shaped entrances. Your finished door will be highly durable and very strong.


This is a good option for the security conscious. Steel is a very strong material and won’t warp over time or break easily. This type of door is also longest lasting of all the options available, and requires the least amount of maintenance. The only downside is in terms of décor because steel can’t be dressed up to give the warm appearance of wood.


Aluminium is an incredibly strong yet lightweight material that lasts a long time. You can also get a wide range of designs for your door to suit many different décor styles. It is important to ensure that your door is properly treated to prevent oxidation and corrosion.


Wood and the composite options have a much warmer, organic look than the metal alternatives. On the other hand, steel and aluminium are stronger and often more secure. They also tend to last longer than their wooden counterparts. In terms of price, the composite options definitely win the battle.

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