Protect Your Possessions With Xpanda Sliding Security Doors

  • Posted: Oct 29, 2018
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Protect Your Possessions With Xpanda Sliding Security Doors

With crime statistics in South Africa on the rise, you may be looking for added protection around your house to keep your loved ones and your belongings completely secure. Xpanda’s vast range of outstanding quality sliding security doors is a key ingredient for adding an extra level of security to your property.

While many residential areas and communities are employing policing and neighbourhood watches to make their homes more secure, it would definitely not hurt to ensure your own safety by adding a little something by yourself.

Xpanda has been manufacturing sliding security doors since 1974. Their catalogue of sliding doors are made to cater to a variety of needs from medium to extreme security options, including a few DIY solutions for those who prefer to take a more hands-on approach.

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If you are installing extra security but you don’t want to compromise on your home’s aesthetic, Xpanda can customise a door that is more harmonious with the décor of your house.

Their doors are made of tough material. Each model is equipped with a slamlock mechanism for quick protection – from single and double slamlock versions to top of the range models featuring 4-point tamperproof locks that can withstand a pulling force of 4.2 tonnes.

Xpanda sliding security doors are not only impenetrable to thieves but also to the elements. Majority of the doors are constructed from 100% aluminium – a highly rust resistant material – particularly good for South Africa’s coastal regions and guaranteeing durability against salty air.

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Speaking to one of Xpanda’s knowledgeable sales consultants about your requirements prior to selection and instalment can make the whole process simpler and almost completely fuss free! Call them on 0861 972 632.

Learn more about Xpanda’s comprehensive range of approved anti-burglar protection and sliding security doors by visiting their website:

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