Marketing your business on a low budget can actually be quite fun. Have you heard of Guerilla Marketing for example? Picture your marketing team running around the city late at night, armed with chalk, spray paint, branded stickers and some creative signage, to write/spray/doodle your Twitter handle, business slogan or Facebook page details on all available surfaces: pavements, dustbins, abandoned storefronts, bridges over main roads and the like. The concept here is to grab the attention of daytime passers-by with the unusual and unexpected placement of your branding (which wasn’t there the day before). Without getting on the wrong side of the law, of course.

While these covert operations may not exactly be your style, there are other cost effective ways to advertise your business on a low budget. Get cracking with these marketing tips for promoting your small business ‘on the cheap’:

Publish great content and reuse it

According to this IOL opinion piece, the world has moved into what is now being termed as the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. You’ll likely know it, more simply, as the ‘digital revolution’. With connectivity at its core, this era is seeing billions of people across the globe connecting with each other, businesses, brands and objects, on some form of smart device and via the internet. This is happening 24/7/365 and is changing the way that startups and SMEs reach their target audiences.    

Leveraging this digital revolution to your advantage means creating excellent content for your website that resonates with your customer base and adds value. This can come in the form of free digital guides, blogs, infographics or tools that draw visitors to your site and keep them coming back for more.

If a particular piece of content really works with your followers, then repurpose it. This could mean reformatting it from a blog post into an infographic, or from a series of blogs into an e-book. If you’ve included a keyword strategy in your blog posts, then you could rewrite a blog to include fresh keywords that are trending, to direct traffic back to your site.

Get a handle on email marketing

Email marketing is still a viable and cheap form of promoting your products and services. Ask visitors to sign up for your monthly newsletter and then use the communications you send them to tastefully advertise your services, specials or upcoming events. Be sure to include links in your emails that drive customers back to your website for additional information, to take advantage of promotions and specials or to get in touch with you directly.

Get the word out with publicity

Has a local newspaper run a small piece on your business? Leverage this publicity by sharing it across your business’ social media channels. Did a satisfied customer mention you in one of their tweets? Be sure to respond to them and thank them for their public shoutout. This will encourage others to do the same and increase the chance of new customers learning about your business.

Exhibiting at an expo soon? Make sure that everyone who pops by your stand walks away with a business card so that they know how to contact you or find you on Instagram and Facebook. Run a competition for everyone who tags or mentions you in their online posts while at the expo. This will create more of a buzz around your products. And don’t forget the power of a well-branded freebie.

Include print advertising channels

The last of our marketing tips: take full advantage of available print media channels in your area. Are there any small circulation newspapers in your city or neighbourhood? Placing a print advert in a number of these publications will increase your exposure and chances of being considered by new customers.

You could also place an advert in our home improvement publication, HOMEMAKERSfairfair. We distribute print copies of our magazines to over 705 000 homes across the country, ensuring that the right people find out about all the best home improvement businesses in their area. Our magazine also comes in a digital format, which means that it’s accessible online and easily shareable across digital platforms.

Image Credit: ICS Learn