You may know your company like the back of your hand but do your customers know enough? Setting up a solid brand identity is often left out when developing your business. Customers don’t flock to any business simply because they have the best products. People want to know exactly what your company stands for, where you come from and who else is using your company. We want to connect on a human level that goes beyond what your product does. Creating a well-thought out brand makes it easier for people to choose you over your competitor because they feel they know you. Here is how you can use brand awareness to increase your Return on Investment. 

Authentic Brand Awareness

In today’s market of choice where people are bombarded by hundreds of adverts every hour, being authentic helps you cut through the crowd. Don’t try to mimic other brands, carve out your own niche and use your personality to inspire your brand. If you aren’t interested or excited about your branding, how can you expect others to be? Start with what is important to you and work from there. Know who you are talking to and who you want to use your product or service. This will guide the style of branding that is true to what you want to achieve. People will see through fake brands immediately, be memorable for the right reasons. 

Make Connections

Humans are complicated, but what remains true is that we are driven by emotion and brands that understand how to use this to their advantage without ‘tricking’ the customer, come out on top. Tugging at your customers’ heart strings will help build brand loyalty leading to increased revenue. It’s be easier to generate sales when you have loyal customers backing your company.  So, how do you connect with your customers? By giving them what they want. Provide relevant information through a print editorial, a blog or via social media. You know more about your product than anyone else, show off your expertise by being an source of industry related information. Show off your personality in face-to-face or online interactions that create meaningful connections with your customers. Building relationships means your customers are more likely to stick with you even if your competitor has a better deal.

Create a Brand Awareness Experience

What do people remember about your company once the transaction is done? People are willing to pay more for a product when it comes with a good experience. Think of companies like Starbuck, people are willing to queue and wait for their coffee because of the fun and shareable experience of having your name spelt incorrectly on your cup. The entire brand is built around creating experiences that support their branding as a trendy, metropolitan coffee company. The strength of their brand awareness has in turn allowed them to push up their prices, creating a greater profit margin, all because of a simple, fun experience that has created a loyal customer base.

Be the Talk-of-the-Town

A loyal customer base also produces brand ambassadors who are more than willing to defend your brand’s honour (so to speak). Customers who are invested in your brand will willingly give feedback, both good and bad. How you respond to comments will also show off what your brand stands for. Listening to customer feedback is a great way to further develop your brand, improve where necessary and motivate employees to continue with great work. 

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