by Marion Nowak

Working in teams has always proved to be successful. With the variety of input available from different employees, collaborating is an invaluable exercise. Encouraging collaboration boosts creativity and promotes healthy employee relationships. It is also proven to increase productivity. Employers need to have a team that performs well together. When people collaborate in the workplace it enables employees to be more effective, as opposed to people who work on projects alone. 

We look at a few ways to incorporate teamwork in the workplace.


When it comes to generating new ideas, it is really important to incorporate as many employees as possible. Every employee has a different point of view and this exercise could make business owners aware of issues they were previously unaware of. Collaborating allows team members to come together on a common ground. This allows them to work towards a common goal by thinking and brainstorming together while providing solutions.

Problem Solve

Problem-solving is much faster when you have a team at hand thinking and working together. When a variety of knowledge and skills come together it creates an impressive talent pool that is competent and more prepared. An important aspect to remember is that your team does not have to be physically together for a collaboration.

To collaborate virtually is also popular and minimizes the need for any infrastructure like a meeting place in an office building for example. Businesses can gain better market reach with the use of the internet. Organizations with people from diverse backgrounds excel. 

Increased Efficiency

As mentioned above, when teams collaborate, projects are proven to speed up. If you can fast-track a process, why not?! Something that may take weeks to resolve can take only a few days or hours with a diverse team. Getting something done efficiently in groups is referred to as the divide and conquer strategy. This means that teaming specific people up and dividing the tasks amoung them will result in accomplishing the project in less time.

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