When the word “advertising” comes to mind, TV ads, flyers and billboards might be the first thing you think of. You may wonder what you can do to get new customers’ attention if a gigantic billboard along the N1 Highway is not in your budget. As a home-improvement business, you need to be realistic about your advertising goals and how you will achieve them. You want to be the first company people think about when they decide to renovate their homes.

Advertising helps you remind customers you exist. But to make an imprint on someone’s mind, you need to be creative with how you grab potential customer’s attention. Here are a few out-of-the-box advertising ideas to help you get a head start.

Treat your customers like family

You may think this doesn’t belong on a list of advertising ideas, but think about it this way: you are sending a message to your customers through every interaction you have with them. Businesses that focus on resolving issues rather than dealing with the person behind that issue may find that their service is not getting the results they expect. Customers who get their issues resolved quickly and feel like they have been treated fairly are more likely to tell others of their experience – that’s free advertising for your business! Focus on improving the customer experience, create a relationship with your clients and find out why they have chosen your business over others – and use this information to improve on your service.

Say Thanks

Besides doing everything in your power to make sure your customers are well looked after, you can make them feel extra valued through special offers. If you provide on-going specials (say seasonally) it will give your customers something to look forward to. Focus your promotions on discounts, giveaways and contests. For instance, run a contest stipulating that if a customer spends more than a certain amount, they automatically get entered into a draw to stand a chance to win a room makeover. Keep engaging with your new customers even after they have made a purchase. Thank them for shopping with you by sending a regular newsletter with suggestions for other products to shop for.

Get Creative with Advertising

Not the best with words? Hire a copywriter to help you choose the best wording to capture the identity of your brand. Sometimes a way to hook a new customer is to be funny and witty with words. If you want to be more hands-on, look for efficient ways to get your name out. A sticker campaign, for example, is a great idea for a start-up business. Once you hand a sticker out to a customer there is no telling where that sticker may end up. Well-designed stickers are eye-catching and create hype about a new business. It’s kind of like letting others advertise for you and did we mention that sticker campaigns are trendy and could tap into a whole new audience for you?

Try Online and Offline Advertising

An integrated plan, which includes the perfect mix of online and offline advertising ideas, will serve to promote your business to its fullest because this is an effective way of attracting and retaining customers. When you advertise with us, you get the best of both worlds as you can be sure that your advert will be seen online and in HOMEMAKERS magazine. At our core, we understand how to bring the right customers to your doorstep by providing them with the right information.