Businesses love Christmas because it’s a great opportunity to boost sales and attract new customers. The early bird catches the worm and you need to start planning your marketing strategies for your business now. Consumers may get annoyed that Christmas decorating is being done earlier and earlier each year, but this is a strategic move to spur shoppers on to buy. So, regardless of what you sell, you can jump-start your Christmas marketing strategies.

Why is it hard to sell home improvement as a Christmas gift?

The home improvement industry tends to go unnoticed during the festive season because business owners don’t advertise enough. Mind you it’s hard to market a brand new kitchen as a Christmas gift, but you can be clever about the way you sell it. The remodeling process will take a while, so it can be done after the festive season and you should emphasise that it’s a gift worth waiting for and one that will be cherished for years to come. In your message you could also say something like, why not treat your home this festive season?

Other marketing strategies to get you and your customers in a jolly mood

Direct mail: Unlike with emails, where your creativity is limited and your message may end up in a spam folder, direct mail gives you room to send out a long, personal message to your valued customers wishing them a happy festive season and letting them know about store specials. Going out of your way rather than quickly writing an email will make a lasting impression.

Sales and discounts: Before you drop your prices first determine what your business can afford. In other words you need to consider whether giving out Christmas gifts or running a Christmas sale is going to be more profitable for your business. You may find that this time of the year is where you make most of your money to help see you through some tough months ahead, therefore dropping your prices will be illogical. Preparing gifts however, will be the more economical option. Nothing too fancy, you will want to give out as many as possible, remember it’s the thought that counts. Perhaps you could compromise and offer a mix of Christmas gifts and discounts. Another classic Christmas marketing tactic for any store is to create branded merchandise such as notepads or calendars. They work really well because people are less likely to throw them away.

Give back to the community: This is a great way to show that you care about more than making money for the festive season, but the conundrum is making sure your customers know about your charitable activities without coming off as vain. A great way to get around this is to ask your customers for help, by voluntarily donating clothes or money. You should also advertise what you are doing for a charity on social media. Focus on the organisation, introduce your audience to them and communicate how your business is making a difference and how others can too.

Spread the cheer: To make all marketing strategies stand out update your branding by including festive images on your corporate profiles both online and in any print media. Don’t go overboard to the point where your brand recognition is altered. For instance change the header of your social media profiles depicting your products draped in a big red bow or surrounded by Christmas decorations. If you want to feature more generic images head down to Unsplash.  Also share more festive articles, such as how to decorate your home this Christmas.

Advertise with us before the festive rush!

Your customers are going to have a lot of for free time now, that means they will be able to have a good look through our print media publications while relaxing at home. This is also the perfect time for homeowners to carry out their home renovations. Advertising helps your business gain more exposure to a wider potential customer base, no longer restricting your reach to your geological location. Take advantage of this opportunity to advertise during the festive season.

Image Credit: Marketing Week