Embracing digital marketing is proving to be synonymous with a successful business strategy. The web is saturated by websites, with four websites for every person on this planet. The internet is replete with data and yours can easily get lost in the vast digital landscape. Here is how you can stay ahead.

Digital Change

Because trends within digital marketing are changing all the time, businesses are finding it difficult to keep up. Not so long ago, a photo campaign alone would have done the trick, but now the audience is craving so much more. They want to be visually seduced and statistically convinced to buy a product. They crave an ongoing peepshow into everything and everyone they’re into. A successful digital marketing campaign needs to consider all the variables and needs a well-crafted master plan to stay ahead of the game.

Effective marketing relies on reaching its audience at exactly the right time. Those cheap flights to a dreamy holiday destination you keep seeing are not magically following you around online. It’s the successful job of a good digital marketing team. Mobile, email, content, social media and influencer marketing are just a few examples digital marketing channels businesses use to reach more customers. Creating, sustaining and continuously driving brand awareness goes hand in hand with the DNA of online culture. As long as the internet is around, digital marketing will be a necessity for all types of businesses.

Digital Trends

 2019 saw trends within digital marketing change with large implications. SEO, for example, has started moving away from text search towards voice search. According to Alpine.AI, 2018 saw an estimated one billion voice searches per month. If your website is not voice search enabled – you’re already losing out. Our smartphones give us the easy access to the web, making mobile marketing an important topic on the marketing team’s agenda.

Influencer marketing is still a popular way for brands to create awareness, and its reason for success is simple. We trust other consumers more than we trust brands. This is why storytelling, especially through influencers on social media, became such an effective strategy to build a brand. We want to hear others’ stories and reviews before making any decisions. Digital marketers want us to connect emotionally and employing a storytelling strategy. Video marketing allows that. Email marketing is still one of the most popular ways to interact with customers, despite it being one of the oldest. 

Digital Noise

The downside to digital marketing is mostly embedded in badly coded sites overloaded with advertising. Visually, nothing is more unattractive on a website than adverts popping up or flashing in every corner. We can’t search for anything online without it following us around or suggesting other similar products. Despite getting it right once in a while, the suggested content filtered by algorithms is making the online experience an irritating one. 

Data is King

Data is currently the most important business commodity on earth. Getting to know you by your online activities is the only way a business can zone in on what your interests are. How that data is captured is a whole different topic, but the fact remains, digital marketing is here to stay and you simply cannot afford to fall behind.

Image credit: Pixabay