We’ve all heard the saying that print media is dead. But is it really? At HOMEMAKERSfair we believe that print advertising remains a relevant marketing tool for the 21st century business owner – especially one who has just started out and is needing to get the most out of a tight marketing budget. This blog provides some insights into the benefits of print advertising for the small to medium business owner.

Print advertising and its advantages

As one AllBusiness blog highlights, magazine advertising is still a viable tool for enhancing and sustaining a business’ brand image. Print advertising provides a brand with:

Maximum exposure

Placing an advert in an industry-specific magazine – that boasts a growing subscription list – guarantees that your brand and services get maximum publicity. Magazines are developed and published with niche audiences in mind, making them the perfect marketing tool for reaching your ideal target market.  

Maximum credibility

It may come as a surprise, but even in today’s digital age, traditional forms of media advertising still garner a great deal of respect. And it would appear that digital still has a long way to go to earn the same level of credibility as print. To leverage the power of print’s reputation, be sure to place your adverts in publications and magazines that have excellent track records and longstanding relationships with an extensive readership.

Maximum competition

By aligning your startup with a reputable advertising brand (such as HOMEMAKERSfairfair) you’ll add to your company’s credibility and gain a competitive advantage over those home improvement businesses that don’t yet use similar advertising services.

Maximum connection

Branding messages that touch on as many of the five senses as possible help customers better connect and engage with a business’ products and services. Print media provides readers with sensory experiences that appeal to more than just their visual senses. Adverts that are well designed, have appealing graphics and are printed on paper provide readers with an experience that is satisfying on a tactile level, while also being visually stimulating.  

Maximum ROI

Print advertising is an effective tool for driving traffic to your website so that potential clients can find additional information about your products and services. Studies have found ROI to be 163% greater for those companies that have incorporated print in their marketing, versus those that have only used digital. Small business owners shouldn’t forget to include digital marketing channels in their advertising campaigns and we strongly advise that they combine print advertising with their digital marketing activities.

As South Africa’s leading home improvement magazine, HOMEMAKERSfair has been in the business of providing the best home-improvement products, services and advice to our clients for over 30 years. Our catalogue of diverse home-enhancement products and services is printed and distributed to 705 000 homes, across six regions, in South Africa, allowing small business owners to connect with a broad readership across the country. In addition, HOMEMAKERSfair is available in digital format so that businesses can also target and reach an online audience.  

Image Credit: MediaShift