What makes a good advert? We would all love to know. It has nothing to do with flashy money and hiring the best advertising agency to pull out all the stops. A great advert boils down to one simple rule: less is more. Our renovate magazine is solely devoted to providing advertising space for brands and we want your potential customers to find you. With that in mind, we’ve made a list of tricks you should employ to make your ad stand out in our Renovate magazine.

Trick 1: Think of the message you want to convey to your prospective customers. This applies to any communication setting, even when thinking of a text message you want to send to a friend. Also think of the tone you want to use, whether you’ll be formal, friendly or playful. Try not to be too creative because often the message can be distorted when fluff gets in the way.

Bonus Tip: Brainstorm different ideas, you can always use them later on.

Trick 2: To ensure your prospects don’t scan through your advert, you need to make sure that you grab and keep their attention. Your headline is what grabs the reader’s attention and the all-round visual aspect is what will retain their interest. Your headline is an important feature in our Renovate magazine because it’s the first thing your readers will read. Make your headlines clear and concise so that they can get the gist of the message immediately and quickly understand what you’re trying to communicate to them.

Bonus Tip: Your headline needs to dominate the advert. Try not to allow it to get lost in a sea of too many fonts and graphics that will confuse the reader.

Trick 3: Design your advert based on the platform you’re using. According to Entrepreneur, you should “become familiar with the nuances of the media you choose, and design your ads to meet their specific visual and editorial requirements.” You don’t have to worry too much about the design element of your advert, because we have a design team for that purpose.

Bonus Tip: In our Renovate magazine, we feature averts of different sizes, therefore it’s crucial that the images you use fit perfectly and don’t get cut off.

Trick 4: Any advert should have a clear action you want your reader to take. If you’ve highlighted a benefit in your headline and allowed your body copy to elaborate more, to close off, tell your readers what future action you want them to take. Provide the next step, if you want them to buy something, give them your contact details or if you want to encourage them to find out more drop a link to your website. Creating a compelling advert is all about understanding what your potential client wants. Your advert must then tell them how they can get it.

Bonus Tip: Think about your ‘unique selling proposition’ in other words, what can you do that your competitors can’t? According to the same Entrepreneur article featured above, “put your promise up front in your headline, then use your ad’s body copy to explain how you’ll deliver that benefit.” All leading up to the final action that you want them to take.

Now that you have a new bag of tricks you will be able to apply them to making an advert for Renovate magazine that is sure to turn some heads. If you’re still unsure about advertising with us you can download our rate card below and gain valuable insight into our demographics and reach.

Image Credit: The Balance