Expo Top 10

  1. Set goals
  2. Invite potential clients to meet you at the show
  3. Share on social media
  4. Give gifts in return for information
  5. Engage with visitors
  6. Keep your stand tidy
  7. Network with other exhibitors in your industry
  8. Step up to opportunities to speak
  9. Take the best team and make it fun for them
  10. Follow up immediately after the show or set up appointment to meet after the show

HOMEMAKERS Expo has been running successfully for over 25 years across South Africa. What makes exhibiting at a show such as HOMEMAKERS Expo valuable is that you are able to meet thousands of potential clients who are actively looking for products or services. Merely booking a stand however, is not quite enough to make exhibiting a success. Expos provide you with valuable time to make face-to-face connections but it is up to you to turn those connections into business.

Here are 10 tips to making every expo a success.

Set Expo Goals

Know what your purpose for the show is. Is it to make immediate sales? Grow business awareness? Generate Leads? Then find a way to quantify your success so you can know if your goals were met or not.


Tell potential and past clients that you will be at the expo and invite them to come and see you at your stand. Even better, set up appointments for potential clients to meet you at the expo, regular business does not need to stop because you are at the show.


Use social media to your advantage by posting short videos and images of products you will have at the show. Let people know your stand number and info about the expo. The easiest way to share expo information is by sharing HOMEMAKERS Expo posts.


Have a special running during the expo, hold a competition or give value added services for those who book at the show. Have an activity such as signing up to a newsletter that will qualify the person to receive your “gift”. This way you get valuable contact info and the person gets a “gift”. Don’t underestimate the power of contact information for post-show follow-ups.


Be professional and welcoming when people come to your stand. Put your phone away during the show. Stand up or have stools rather than chairs to rest your feet while still looking engaged. Make eye contact and greet visitors when they walk passed. Don’t harass them in the aisles though.

Tidy up

Keep your stand neat. Have a dedicated out of sight space for drinks, food, phones and bags. 


Make friends with fellow exhibitors and network with others in you industry. It could lead to profitable partnerships in the future.

Step Up

Find out if there are any areas at the show where you can speak. If you do get a chance to speak, don’t do a hard sales pitch. Show your expertise by growing your industry, answering questions and give interesting information or helpful tips. Make sure people know where you are from and where they can find your stand to continue chatting once the talk is over.

Take your Best

Choose your best reps for the show and set goals for them to reach. Have sales “contests” and prizes that make the show fun for your staff too.

Follow up

 Follow up with potential leads immediately after the show or set up appointments at the show. This way you are already on potential clients calendar. If you plan on following up via email, have a template set up before the show that you can quickly personalise with information gained at the show.

Taking part in exhibitions is a great way to grow your business and create a constant flow of leads. It is a chance to show off your latest products, innovations and present yourself as an industry expert. There is no denying that they take hard work but with the right strategy and planning, every expo can be a success.

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